Support FAQs

​Billing & Account Support

How do I access my Starter Program?

​How long do I have access to the Starter ​Program?

​​What is the difference between the Starter Program and the Membership?

​​How do I ​​start my Membership ​Trial​ that comes with ​my Starter ​Program?

​Can I start my Trial whenever I'm ready?

​​Once my ​Trial is over, will I be billed?

​​How do I cancel my Membership?

​​If I cancel my Membership, will I lose access to all the content immediately?

​Once I've cancelled my Membership, how do I resubscribe?

​How do I update my Credit Card?

Technical Support

​When do I receive my Login details?

​I lost ​my password, how can I ​reset it?

​Can I change my password?

​I'm not receiving Block Therapy emails. ​How Can I update this?

​My videos are not loading properly. What can I do?

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