Walter Kells

Block Therapy Success Story

"Within the first week, my face changed completely. And then the body followed the rest of it."

~ Walter Kells

Block Therapy Enthusiast

"I am 73 years old. Block Therapy I came across in August of last year - my wife introduced me to it. As soon as I stood on the Block the first day I was hooked because my feet just felt so good. I'd been in pain for years, chiropractors would rebuild me, it will blow and rebuild, blow - nothing helped. When I started on this journey, I could feel things just ripping apart and peeling apart. And the changes were just phenomenal. But I think I was so very, very stiff and robotics that any crowbar would help. And I found that the Block was a great crowbar to to lever things apart. I liked the pain. It gives me good signals. And then it just kept going from there. The biggest thing that I did was when I saw the competition you did earlier this year. And the people put the before and after photographs up. And when I came back here in October, I had a go at it. And the changes were - within the first week, my face changed completely. And then the body followed the rest of it. And I do it every day. I stand on the Block now when I'm cooking and I'm watching rugby, which is my big hobby. I was down on the Block for a whole game. Yeah, I start on the big one and I finish on a small one. The releasing has helped everything about the body.

I tried lift weights, I train and I walk. But I lift weights not heavy when I lift weights five days a week. That's my escape from my father and my, my father is my permanent job, my 24 hour day job. Okay. My brother's helped me look after him, but I'm his primary care. So I go an hour in the morning, an hour and a half, turn my phone off and I'm gone. I'm out. That's my escape every day.

I'm more conscious of the proper alignment when I'm training now. The biggest thing is the rooting where I find the biggest influence. That pulls my body in it's easier to push the weights the weakest part of my body is my hips and lower back. So anything in that area is always very careful and very kind of behind the upper body. Whiplash and broken bones and stuff like that. Just the lifetime of having fun. It leaves scars. Accident mr. own accidents to car accidents to rugby to concussions to Whiplash arrived after about 10 years. 12 years after the accident. I bent down and couldn't get off the floor. Wow. That was a start. My chiropractic life.

My pain level was at a 6 or 7 out of 10 every day. Since starting Blocking it is at a 0.

The foot work is incredible. And that was my hook. I was lucky that the first time that I had the Block - and it was just a yoga block - but I stood on a no hotel in Florida. And when I got off it, it was like, wow, you know, I could feel on the back of my head, I could just feel stuff peeling away. And there was an instant, shoot up the arm or up my legs of relief. So I was that was it. I was hooked from the second I stood on it. When I'm cooking, I'll stand for half an hour when there's rugby honest, 80 minute game, and I will stand on the block for a good 60 minutes in different angles and working on different parts of the foot.

When I did the upper body realignment program, I never had looked at the fingers and toes. And when you started working between the space between the fingers and toes. I thought I'm going to try this with the old man. So then I got a little big pen I stuck between his finger and between his toes. And I could instantly see wrinkles forming. So it just carried on. And within a matter of a week his feet have changed completely. He's now gone from a size 10 slipper to a size eight.

On Sunday, I started working on the top of his feet, particularly his left foot was very very inflamed on the top. I thought it was all the bones crushed together. But when I started working with my thumb's between them, I could see the rivers of fluid disappearing. And it was just solid gunk. That's almost concrete. That warmed up with pressure and release. His demeanor has changed completely his walking is now a walk, not a shuffle. His appetite has doubled. He's not sleeping as much during the day, he's more alert for mentally it's just a completely different person. He is 102.

A year ago when I first got the blocks was October maybe 2022. I put them behind his back, just resting in a chair. And when I came back, I'd been away for two months, and when I came back, basically we were feeding him by hand and he was drinking or I would hold a glass to him with a straw and that's how he drank. So I put him on a Block, just leaning on his back and it was laying on the floor on the Block watching him, and he suddenly leaned over with his hand, picked the glass up, took the straw and started drinking. Within three, four minutes. His breathing changed his whole he's going like this, but his neck, which is well, one solid unit. It just something, freed him up and stood them up. It just changed them completely. So I Block him every day for half an hour when I go to see I go to make his dinner like 4:30 in the afternoon. And the first thing I do is get him on the Block. And he's never had a complaint.

So his right hand was extremely swollen. And that's the first thing I started with. And it was the same, it was instant, within minutes of me doing it. Within seconds. Actually, when I took my hands or my fingers out of his finger joints. There was change. And he's he's got his hand up going on is got his he's still got a very strong grip. But he couldn't, he'd lost the use of his right hand. And it was instantly back again. Yeah, he's very, he's on very, very little. There are no drugs to speak of. They're fluid pills. But the fluid pillars didn't do much because it takes the excess away. But the stuff that was deep and ingrained there doesn't move. And it wasn't until I started working on his feet on Sunday. And you could see when I was pushing with my fingers and thumbs. I could see this wave of stuff moving in front of me underneath the skin. Literally he's gone from a 10 to an answer in a month.

One of the we have a care taker that comes in and one of the things I get is I get people take me off for three hours on a Monday and three on a Wednesday. And then the lady came in on Monday the other week for the first time. And I was busy working on his feet. And I started working on her hands. And she came in to me the next week and she said my rings have fallen off. Then this week she came in which was two weeks. She said I've had to take all my rings off because when I work and I pulled my gloves off, they go missing and she has to take a link out of her watch. So it's gone right up to a whole chain. So I noticed when my father because it went from his feet all the way up. He has a hip replacement on his left side. So the left foot tries to hang in. And when I had him on the Block today, I was trying to get him to rotate outwards, and he can't push too far. But on the other side, he really hit the spots on the ridges. And said, that's where you have to find. And that's where you have to try and stay near the edge. But he, I work on one foot for half an hour. So the Block is sitting in the same spot for half an hour. He's just on it. And it is the time and pressure.

I had a ball at the bottom joint of my small finger or my right finger between the finger and the knuckle. And I couldn't get rid of it. And I was busy doing this for a couple of weeks. I was doing it one day and all of a sudden I had this explosion and the shooting thing of energy went right in my hand and arm and into my shoulder. I looked on this ball had disappeared. I hadn't been able to close that finger for 6, 7, 8 years. Now it works just the same as everyone else. I still have the knuckles to work to get out because the knuckles are out of place. But they'll get there I guess.

The upper posture thing I'm on right now. Every day I feel much more upstream. You know, it's consciously I can feel myself standing straighter when you're walking around, and suddenly I thought I was back in the Army because of this shoulders back just started stuff.

I just feel good. As far as that's the emotional thing about no drama, no. Sadness, no, whatever. It's just being pain free, is the biggest emotional thing you're gonna have. For me. Knowing that if I, every time I would stand up, I'm always thinking what I was gonna grab was, you know, there was once I was on a trip, and I got up on a bed and I couldn't stand, and I had an hour and a half to get to the airport. So I crawled into the taxi and went to the airport in Fort Lauderdale. I basically crawled through security, and they weren't gonna let me on the plane. But I have to get the Freeport because I knew there's a chiropractor that helped me. Yeah. And when I got there, he wasn't there for the first three weeks. So I would crawl across the floor to a wall. Oh my god. Yeah. He put me back together again. It lasted for a month, six weeks, then it goes again. I saw him in August this year. And he looked at me, he says, what have you done? He's looking at my body and checking my energy is I can't see anything wrong. Where have you been? Have you done that? You're the last person I saw it was a year ago. And he could not believe it. So I showed him the Block. And he went back. About an hour half an hour later, I was showing him stuff, went back to his house and ordered it. He got hooked."

~ Walter Kells

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