Improve Sexual Function (Erectile Dysfunction, ED)

“Tell us about your sexual function improvement”

“I’m harder – longer. I use ‘this’ as the expression. It used to be where I would hear a noise and then I would lose ‘it’. And then I would start thinking about losing it. Now it’s staying harder longer and I can actually do other things while I’m at it because the concentration on that – I don’t need it anymore, so. Man! I feel like a million bucks! 

40% of men over 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction.

This is one of those topics that can make you squirm in your seat, cause anxiety in the gut and even make you blush. Simply put, it is an uncomfortable subject.

So let’s change that!

As anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction knows, it is all about blood flow. It is no different than any other part of the body that is restricted from receiving the blood and oxygen it needs; there is something in the way. This is where Block Therapy comes in.

Improve sexual function with Block Therapy

It was years ago that I first learned I was able to improve sexual function as a result of the treatments I was doing for people with back and leg issues. The reason is that the fascia in the hip flexor and the groin compresses in on itself from incorrect posture and breathing. This tissue seals the body out of alignment with a force up to 2000 lbs./square inch. This is the cause site of many things, including chronic back pain as well as any issue in the legs. This compression acts like a beaver damn to the nerves, arteries and veins supplying the legs.

To improve sexual function you need to improve the blood flow

As I worked in this area on some of my male patients, to treat issues in their backs and legs, many would share that the quality of their erections was also improving. This is because we increased the blood flow in the entire area. I have even had people who weren’t able to get an erection at all, become active again.

One of the great things about Block Therapy is that you can do this work on yourself, with the Block Buddy. Working in the groin can be very uncomfortable for both the patient and the therapist. To be able to get to the compressed fascia and melt it on your own removes that need for that uncomfortable situation. Not to mention, you also have the ability to treat yourself, forever and improve sexual function.

Restricted blood flow doesn’t happen overnight, unless there is an injury or surgery that creates scar tissue to slow the flow, but is an accumulation of adhesions building in the tissue due to incorrect posture and breathing. If you sit at a desk for 8 hours/day, just imagine all the structures you are putting pressure on. If you don’t undo the adhesions of the day, they add up until blockages are present. View the Fuzz Speech on YouTube for a very helpful demonstration of this.

As with any pain or issue we encounter, there is never a one-time fix. We need to learn what the body needs to be healthy, and make those actions habit. Gravity is a constant force  pulling us down. We have an anti-gravity design within though—the full conscious exhalation. So, if we don’t practice proper posture and breathing, and turn those actions into habits, gravity wins, and blocks to blood flow form throughout the body.

Improve sexual function with Block Therapy, proper breathing and posture and the 90-day program

With Block Therapy we can melt through those blockages, inflate that space with proper breathing, and in my 90-day program you learn to integrate proper postural habits to move the body in the direction of health.

Conditions that we regard as a normal part of aging, like erectile dysfunction, don’t have to be, if we understand what causes them and implement proper action to correct them.

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen

Improve sexual function
as a couple

Improve sexual function with block therapy

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  1. I agree with the last point of your to improve sexual function we need to improve and increase blood circulation but what about a sever heart patient who is suffered cardiac arrest in past, How he can Improve his blood circulation ?

    1. It is through creating space in the tissue, and breathing oxygen into tissue, that we improve blood and energy flow to areas. Compressed tissue forces the heart to work harder to circulate blood to the cells, which adds stress. By removing the tissue compression with Block Therapy, the pathways for blood and energy flow open up and a freedom is created. This makes the overall pressure in the body less which is of positive benefit to the heart.

      The Solution to Chronic Back Pain e-book shows all the areas in the body that would improve blood flow to the reproductive organs. Working the Block Buddy in the ribcage, as demonstrated in the intro series of Block Therapy, teaches how to decompress the ribcage, taking pressure off the heart. Instruction on how to do Block Therapy safely is guided in the intro series, and if there is ever a question or concern, we are here to guide people through the process.

      Please let me know if I can be of any more assistance or if I did not answer your question sufficiently.

      Deanna Hansen
      President, CEO

  2. Hi

    I’m interested in your block therapy for the pelvis, how do I start the protocol. I live in England so is there a book to teach me what I need to do?



    1. Hi Mark, We recommend that you begin with the core first, then work your way to the pelvis, head, neck and arms. To start your home program you can order the Block Therapy starter kit from here: . TIP – If you purchase one of our package deals, you’ll save $10!

  3. I had a unilateral varicocelectomy operation 14 months ago, and I still don’t feel my left groin and left-side of my penis which lacks sensation and former quality of erections. Would your system help me?

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