Deanna Hansen


Leverage means using something to its maximum advantage. Synonyms of this word are lift, influence, power, support and clout to name a few.  We do this all the time. People use connections to make advancements in business, they use levers to build solid structures for us to exist in, they leverage assets to invest in …

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Grounding, or Earthing as it’s also called, refers to contact with the Earth’s surface electrons that transfer energy from the earth to the body. Walking barefoot is a practice that many do to make this connection. However, if your feet aren’t properly aligned, the connection itself will be minimal compared to the energy transfer you …

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Fluid Isometrics and Fascia Unwinding

Block Therapy wasn’t the beginning of my journey. It started with intuitively using my hands on my body. As I tapped into the pain, I followed along, and noticed there was a specific path of least resistance. It felt like I was surfing, being carried by some unseen force as I glided through the tissue, connecting more deeply with every pass. I call this approach to unwinding fascia: Fluid Isometrics.

Deanna’s Journey pt. 2: Frustration & Introspection

Last week, I shared how my childhood journey shaped my physical journey. This week’s blog dives into how deeply my physical life impacted me on an emotional, mental and spiritual level.To add, I also had an eating disorder. My obsession with being thin drove my behaviours. Needless to say, this didn’t help my situation. For …

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