Balancing the Masculine and Feminine

Balance in life is something many try to achieve. It can certainly be difficult with all the pressures we face. Between family, work, health, rest, fun and all the other parts of life that we participate in, finding balance can be a tenuous game. However, there is a universal law that says that everything in the universe is a mirror of itself. Therefore, if we can move toward balance in the body we should be able to, on some level, achieve balance in life.

We are born with a masculine and a feminine side. Whether male or female, we have both within us. Simply stated, the right side of the body is the masculine side, the left side the feminine. This is opposite to the brain. The right side is the feminine side and is connected more to creativity and intuition among other things, and the left side of the brain is the masculine side and is geared toward logic and reasoning. Having a balanced mind allows you to have strengths in all aspects of life, as does having a balanced body.

The limbs are the puppet masters of the core - meaning that the arms and hands, and legs and feet dictate the alignment of the abdomen and the ribcage. As we are dominant on one side, there is an overuse that occurs on that side, creating an imbalance. Typically, when looking at the feet, the dominant side acts like a flat tire. That foot tends to move away from midline, often externally rotated (toes pointing away from center), pronated (collapses at the ankle) and it is common to have a bigger bunion. The opposite side in response to this pulling away, anchors to stop the body from tipping. This is a generalization, but imbalance is seen in everyone. This creates a war inside the body.

Not only does this create a war inside the body but also the mind. When there is imbalance in the core, the diaphragm can’t function with ease. The twisting of the core from the tension compresses the diaphragm, resulting in upper chest breathing. This creates a stressed frequency in the brain, as opposed to a relaxed frequency when the breath is conscious and from the diaphragm. This frequency connects you to thoughts of past and future, which is where fear lives, as opposed to being present in the moment, where love resides. To be present with your breath allows you to see each moment as unique, and to respond accordingly, compared to the fear response which keeps you stuck in loops of memory from past assaults.

Our world is also living in a state of war. Years ago, I read that in past times, when there was a balance of the masculine and feminine, that each energy played a role in deciding future action. Men are connected to the sun energy and are the idea makers, women are connected to the moon energy and understand cycles. The men would come up with the ideas and take them to the women, who had to believe that the actions wouldn’t harm the people or the planet for 7 generations. If they didn’t think so, they had the men come up with new ideas. They worked together in a balanced way, supporting the strength of each. How different this is today with politics and making decisions based on a 4-year term.

If we can first find balance within, then that will be projected out through our energy and actions. There is no winning by fighting war with war, whether the war within or outside us. If we can understand how to apply persuasion vs. force, then we can melt the barriers that have locked us in negative patterns and change the trajectory of the future. This is a real possibility and those who have adopted the understanding of how to support their fascia and conscious breath are already seeing the transformations in their being, as well as to those around them. The future can look bright if we shift and love both the masculine and feminine equally, instead of fighting this, because ultimately, we are only fighting ourselves.

I am excited to see where life takes us. We are collective and more people are seeing the need to change course every day. Once there is a critical mass of those adopting balance, I believe we will see an end to the wars and embrace a world that is bright for the future generations to come.

If you believe in this possibility, start with 1 conscious breath, and then another . . . 

Learn more in this week's episode of The Fascia Masters below.

Breathe & Believe,


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