My 5 Tenets for Success in 2021

I think most of us have a wish for 2021 to be a better year. Someone very important in my life shared with me his business goals and why he is so successful. I want to pay tribute to him and share how this applies not only to business, but to health and life in general.


Trust is something to be earned. We have all had moments when we had trust, but when disappointment hits that feeling is broken. It can shatter us as a belief in a person or idea is scarred, and the result can rattle us to the core. Today, we are all being challenged as the world is seemingly spinning out of control.

I would like to share something of importance regarding health, and this is only my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.

I would love for you all to watch The Life of a Cell, by David Bolinsky (embedded below). Every time I view this video, it literally brings tears to my eyes. The absolute miracle that we are – the systems that work synchronously together, the ability for the body to heal even through the worst traumas, the miracle of conception and growing new life, and the incredible resilience of the human condition . . . these aren’t things that we should overlook, but things to celebrate. 

Whatever your belief system, our bodies have been designed to withstand the forces of time; to create new life, to find solutions to the problems we face, to rise above all obstacles, and to continue to evolve into better versions from the lessons we learn.  

At this integral time in human history, I encourage you to remember the incredible body you have been given, no matter the challenges you face. Trust that with an open mind and the determination you are born with, your body and your ability to discern truth is the most powerful combination to keep you safe and healthy. 

To date, your body has been through the ringer with the onslaught of pollution, stress and misinformation. If you can take a moment and really look at how your body works and the innate intelligence it has, all you have to do is listen to your cells and give them what they need to thrive . . . and that is love and energy. If you consider your cells as you would your children, they would be given everything to make you the healthiest version of yourself.

Hope and Faith

In a time of despair, hope is a commodity that can feel distant. I want to get a bit personal here, for hope has been the most powerful value to get me to this point.

I am an extremely hypersensitive soul. This has brought many challenges to my life, as I feel so deeply the energy of everyone. I attribute my healing abilities to this quality, but it has also taken me into bouts of depression and anxiety. 

There was a moment a few years back when I didn’t know how to proceed with my business. I was on the brink of collapse, literally, with my finances and my health. As I laid in bed, the sickest I had ever been, I wondered how I would make it. I knew that I had been blessed with a gift to share, and all I could do was hope for the strength and faith to continue even though in that moment I couldn’t see the straight line.

That hope and faith got me through. The belief that my life had purpose was what gave me the strength, because it wasn’t about me. It was about sharing the deeper gifts I had been given - and we all have them to share. Hope and faith are a necessary commodity that only strengthens the human spirit.

I encourage when you are at your wits end, or if you are struggling with the meaning of life, to find your deeper meaning and to reach out and connect to those who believe in you. And if I may be so blunt to say – your cells believe in you which is why they work so hard on your behalf, every second of every moment of every day. Give back to them through loving yourself and you will see the miracles of thriving, even amidst the most strenuous of all times.


To me, determination is a force of the human condition. All you have to do is see someone perform courageous acts to understand the power of what we can achieve. Many of us have so much, yet only focus on the lack. So many have so little and explore a life of freedom and joy.

Everything is relative, and this moment in human history is perhaps the first time we are collectively experiencing loss on so many levels. Let’s look at those who succeed against all odds, take that spirit and engage in that energy. We are powerful beyond measure, yet we have been suppressed by beliefs that don’t serve our highest good.

Be determined to live a life of freedom, health, abundance and joy. It doesn’t happen all at once, it can come in increments depending on where you are beginning. But know that you are not alone. Watch the Life of a Cell and see that you are connected to the most beautiful of all energies – of love and creation. And connect to those who are as determined as you to make this world a better place for those to come!


I have to say that even during my worst moments, I look to the bigger picture. Believe me, I can be a nightmare to myself. I have had many moments when I was terrified, but I always knew that I was being guided by a higher power than my own ego. This has been one of the greatest gifts for me.

I say this because I didn’t develop Fluid isometrics and Block Therapy, they developed me. This wasn’t something I set out to accomplish; it’s something that happened to me. This in itself is the reason I have continued for twenty plus years to make sure I got then message out to the world. If my ego had been involved, I would have quit years ago.

I am optimistic that we are heading into a better time, when innovation, creativity, community and right action are on the forefront of what's to come. I have faith in the capacity humans have to see things clearly, to  make the right choices for our future generations, to understand their soul's purpose and to lead the world into the most amazing place we have ever lived.

We are conscious beings with the potential for the most incredible developments and solutions to give this beautiful planet that we call home, what it needs to thrive. This is the first time in human history that we, collectively, are fighting the same battle; and how amazing is that. When we connect to each other’s pain and suffering, and genius and innovation, we can accomplish anything. I am optimistic that we will enter into a time and peace, joy, health and abundance.


For me, happiness is one of the most fleeting feelings. I remember as a kid realizing that happiness is something people say you should feel, yet if you don’t you feel as though you are broken. I have to share I have struggled with this feeling, as the hypersensitive person I am can get me overly involved in the struggles of others, taking me away from that warm and fuzzy notion.

I still struggle, but when the moments arise, I take it for what it brings. For me happiness is knowing I have helped someone, or knowing I am connected to my purpose. I still feel like a child in this regard as I believe many have a deeper connection to this sensation, but I appreciate the other gifts I have been given in this lifetime. 

Overall, I believe this world needs a lot of help and it’s hard to feel happy when there is so much struggle. I realize that happiness is a vibration that elevates my cells, my body and my soul. When I look at it this way, it takes me from my ego’s perception of what happiness should be and elevates me to a higher purpose to embrace this emotion. Right now, sending love and light to everyone is, in my opinion, the best way we can help humanity thrive through this incredible time in human history.

I invite you all to feel the joy when it arises and to give it space to expand. I know it’s so easy to push it away. I am very good at doing that and it is a hard habit to break. But I am constantly working on becoming a better version of myself so to see the optimal potential for what, we, as humans, can do to make this the most amazing time in human history. Let’s be the story that generations in the future will look back to and say – wow, look what they did to make this world the most amazing place. 

Let’s make history so the future generations will be proud of the life they were born to live!!!

Much love and peace for an exceptional 2021!!!

Breathe & Believe

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