Animal Transformations

Doing the work was a magical experience. As I had minimized any contact with animals over the years, I simply loved them from a distance. I would see how much my sister loved her dogs as her children and could appreciate it intellectually but hadn’t had the first-hand experience of the depth of pureness that comes from them. I was moved through this journey, working specifically with 2 of the dogs as they came for treatment 3 days in a row, so I was able to create quite a bond.

Torrie, the little 2 and a half pound Yorkshire Terrier, broke her elbow as a baby. They wanted to amputate but Mom didn’t allow that. She had surgery to stabilize the elbow, but a pin had migrated into her bicep tendon. Although the rehab created a healing where she was able to run, her little body, at the age of 2, had an alignment that in a short time would become problematic.

Her tail was always tucked right under her body, and her spine was very out of alignment. When looking at her from the side view, she had a huge humpback. Her legs were displaced far under her body, which down the road would lead to excessive wear and tear of her joints, much earlier than would be normal. For a 2-year-old to have this alignment would dramatically reduce her quality of life at a young age.

Through the 3 days of working on Torrie, firstly, her changes were remarkable. We saw day after day how her spine was straightening, how her legs were aligning, and how her tail was moving into an upright position. What was so beautiful for me was the love. She had incurred a lot of traumas in her short time. Often, after we did a technique on her, she would run into my armpit so I could hold her and comfort her. It surprised me how much my heart opened to this little sweetie that was allowing the work and integrating the changes. Each day this happened, and I could feel my heart expanding.

With Riley, the 110-pound German Shepherd who is my sisters’ dog, a similar thing happened. As I learned to stay away from pets, he wasn’t a part of my life. The week before filming I dropped my sister off at her house and saw how Riley was walking. He has arthritis in his hips which is evident from the weakness portrayed in his gait, and which an x-ray had confirmed. He also has a heart problem – not uncommon for a dog age and size. I asked my sister  if he could be featured in our program, and she was happy to oblige.

Day 1 was comical. An unruly monster, he was not easy to deal with. I was literally covered in fur from head to toe. I was hot, tired, but laughing at how this must be coming off in front of the camera. At one point, I was sitting in front of him rubbing his face when Dr. Siegel was working on his back. To my surprise, he had a huge erection. Hoping it would go away quickly as the camera was positioned to see this, it didn’t so I was compelled to address the elephant in the room. I said to Dr. Siegel, “he must really be enjoying what you are doing as he has a huge erection!” We both laughed and proceeded with the work, appreciating the moment. 

Day 2 was also a challenge. Working on him outside, it was a super-hot and humid day. I once again had to wrestle the beast, but . . . the changes he had already made were notable. His back was straighter, his hind legs stood taller, and he was lighter on his feet. He had a brother that passed 6 weeks prior to this, so to be able to make progress for my sister’s love was so heartwarming, but the next day was when I fell in love.

Day 3 came around and Riley was a different dog. Suddenly, the unruly beast was a calm and beautiful soul who allowed us to do the work without any challenge. His changes were huge – his gait was so much better, the alignment of his back legs lifting, and he had a spring in his step. The chaotic pattern of fascia around the shoulders and upper back had smoothed out and for the first time in years, without needing the momentum of a run, he simply sprung up onto the bed. There was a deep bond I felt with this creature that I previously avoided, and now, he is embedded in my heart. For the first time I can truly say I understand the bond between dog and pet parent, even though I know that for a pet parent it goes far deeper than I can imagine.

I had the opportunity a couple of days later to work on another beautiful soul. I had recently reconnected with a girlfriend from my past who had moved back to Winnipeg, and I was spending a hot Friday afternoon around her pool. She had a 14-year-old Pekingese who had lost a lot of mobility. As I was no longer concerned about my allergies, I sat outside with Lulu on my lap for about 30 minutes doing fascia decompression.

It was a hot day. Having this beautiful furry sweetie on my lap added to the sweat dripping everywhere, but it was so amazing. She loved it. Never once did she complain or show any discomfort, just total surrender. When I was done, we took her inside and she immediately showed a difference in her gait. We left her in there to cool down, as we went back outside to enjoy each other’s company. About an hour later, her husband came home. He noticed an immediate change in how she walked. 

When it was time for me to leave, we let Lulu outside. I tried to coax her down the 3 stairs leading from the house to the pool. My friend mentioned Lulu hadn’t come downstairs on her own in years. We left her there as we walked to the gate where I would be leaving. As I was saying goodbye to my friends, suddenly, there she was. For the first time in years, she had run down the stairs. I was so excited. The next day my friend sent a video. She said -- “I have a new dog”, as Lulu was jumping and twirling like a young pup.

I have a newfound appreciation for the love that pets bring to the world. It warms my heart to know that with our new program – Fascia Decompression for Your Fur Family, that we can offer a solution for pet parents to manage the health and longevity of their fur family through this simple and profound method of simply connecting. I am beyond grateful that Dr. Siegel saw the significance in this and reached out to create this program. And I thank all who gave me their loved ones to use as an example of the benefits to be shared with the masses.

The Fascia Decompression for Your Fur Family Program is now open registration. You can learn more by clicking here

Breathe & Believe,


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