Introduction to Fascia & Animals

Just like people, animal’s cells are also bound by their fascia system. For years I have been wanting to create a program that people could do for their pets, but I was waiting for the appropriate partner to work with – I needed a vet. 18 months ago, I joined a group – The Holistic Leadership Council. After a session where I was teaching a Block Therapy class, one of the leaders of the group, Dr. Marlene Siegel, reached out and said she wanted to work with me to create a fascia program.

I was delighted. The universe always provides the people and opportunities when the time is right, and this was it. Now I had a world leading doctor. that combines both allopathic and holistic animal care who wanted to learn fascia decompression and share it with others.

When we both had the time to commit to working on a regular basis to develop a program, we began to connect weekly on zoom calls (Dr. Siegel lives in Florida) to see what would unfold. It didn’t take long to realize that animals are more efficient at integrating change than people. It is as though there is no ego that prevents them from adopting new freedoms in their body immediately. People (myself included) have a memory of the pain that sometimes prevents them from using their new freedoms immediately, almost as though there is an initial denial that change has taken place, until it is tested and proven true.

As Dr. Siegel works with challenging cases all the time, there was no shortage of subjects to test the theory and create a formula. It was so much fun observing the alignment and to see the fur patterns that tell where there are adhesions in the fascia. The fur makes it simple. Just like a cowlick in hair, you can see the spiral patterns and chaos on the fur over the entire body. This gives valuable and accessible information to the pet parent as to where the work needs to be done, as well as shows the immediate changes that take place.

It was early on in our connection that Dr. Siegel sent me a video of Ellie, a little sweetheart who was paralyzed in her back legs. Until Ellie found Dr. Siegel, the only option presented for her was surgery. Dr. Siegel performed fascia decompression on Ellie and 45 minutes later, Ellie could walk. This was such an exciting moment to see how this simple process could impact the animal so quickly and profoundly. A week later there was even more improvement. 

Ellie Before Treatment

Ellie After Treatment

Week to week these magical moments continued. Having challenging cases to work on through zoom gave us the time to understand what needed to be shared and to put the program together. We made a date for Dr. Siegel to come to Winnipeg where we filmed the content, using 5 different dogs to showcase the work on a variety of sizes – ranging from 2 and a half pounds to 110 pounds.

Of all the things I have done, this one for me held the most uncertainty regarding the result. I had never worked on animals to this degree before so didn’t know if they would comply. As Dr. Siegel came a long distance to get this done, I didn’t want it to not work out. Also, when I was a kid, I had a cat for 15 years and never had issues with allergies. Then one day about a year after she passed, I was walking down the sidewalk and a cat ran up to me. I love cats so I picked her up and she clawed me. For the next 3 days I had a full body rash, then after that, developed allergies to all animals, cats being the worst. The allergies have improved a lot with fascia decompression, but they persisted to some degree, so I learned to keep my distance.

What made me nervous was not knowing how I would respond working for 3 days straight as we created our program. This is why we didn’t film with cats when Dr. Siegel was here in Winnipeg. We have additional footage that is part of the program showing the work on a cat (and it’s the same on whatever animal you are working with), but I was expecting to feel rough after the 3 days of filming and didn’t know how my allergies would impact my ability to get the job done.

The first day, I wasn’t as bad as expected. I had some welts on my forearms and armpits, and my palms were itchy, but I didn’t have problems with my eyes or breathing. I was expecting the symptoms to increase each day, but to my surprise and pure delight, after day 2 which was the heaviest for time spent with the animals (and I was right in there working with them), my allergies didn’t really bother me. After day 3, there was zero issue. It was like a homeopathic treatment, where a little of the poison created a healing deep within . . . 

To be continued . . . 

Breathe & Believe,


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