Self-Care for Migraines & Chronic Pain

I love to read testimonials from those who have benefited from Block Therapy. Whenever I hear that someone has gained the understanding of how-to self-care, I get very excited because they experience the power of fascia decompression and the body’s innate ability to heal.

In our Facebook community, testimonials are shared on a regular basis. About 6 months ago I handed over the reins to a couple of my teachers as there simply wasn’t the time for me to keep up with everything. It was also something that could be passed on, as so many of my therapists know how to guide individuals through the process when questions arise. I am very excited for where we have come on this journey and with the exceptional individuals who have stepped up and are part of the team to support the community.

I have to say I do love it when someone shares a post that integrates years of struggle as well as the changes that have happened so as to give a holistic impression of the benefits of committing to fascia decompression. When Rina wrote this to me, I immediately asked if I could share as it says so much about what can happen when you make this a lifestyle. Enjoy the story as it may inspire you to begin:

"I started with my physical issues about 20 years ago. It started with one thing and then over the years more things started happening and everything just continuously progressed to the worse. I have too many things to mention but let’s just say that chronic pain is a major one.

I also struggle with migraines. I have seen everyone from western to eastern medicine. I would get different opinions as to what my causes were. Different treatments with little relief and not lasting. What really bothers me is that most practitioners do not really care about the cause. If they can figure it out right away, great, if not, they just treat the symptoms.

When you have multiple things happening, they really don’t know what to do with you. I was basically told by one doctor that I just need to learn to live with my pain and a neurologist who told me she didn’t care what the cause of my migraines were. She was just there to treat them. 

I was introduced to Block Therapy many years ago but didn’t start doing it until about 1.5 years ago. So, when I started, I could not do the breathing technique. I had a hard time keeping my mouth closed and my nasal passages were very dry, so it was uncomfortable to do. I mentioned this to Deanna, and she told me not to worry and that in time I would be able to do it. She was right! I didn’t even realize it until about 6 or more months ago that I could not just do a 30 minute Block class, but a 90 minute Block class as well with the breathing technique!! It was something that I just stopped thinking about and started doing the breathing without even realizing it. 

I have really committed myself to this work more so in the last 6 months and the changes I have been experiencing are life changing. I haven’t had a major migraine in at least 2 months. I was sometimes getting them every 2 weeks. I’ve noticed the alignment in my neck is better. At the beginning I had a really hard time when we did Block, where I had to rest my body on my arms. Now I have mostly no problem doing it. I feel stronger and I have more energy. 

This spring I raked my grass and cut my lawn which I have not been able to do for years. It has made me become more mindful of my own posture. I work at a gym, and I am more aware now at how bad most people’s posture is. I tell everyone about Block Therapy. I bring it with me to the gym and have had several people ask me about it. I share with people who want to hear about it and even those that don’t.

It’s funny, people will tell me about a physical problem that they have and the first thing that I think is that they should be Blocking. I am still a work in progress but at least instead of progressively getting worse, I am progressively getting better. 

I am so grateful to Deanna for her knowledge and expertise and mostly for giving me hope where I honestly started feeling like there was none. She allows me to personally email her with any questions - even the ones that are not about me but for a friend or a family member. I love my membership and the access to so many videos and it makes me feel really good that Quinn is sometimes in as much pain as I am!! (hahaha) 

I want people who are just starting off to know how amazing this work is and to be patient and commit to putting the work in because it can be life changing for you as it is for me. Once you start feeling changes, you will soon become addicted to this work. I can’t say enough about how much I love it and I could go on and on. I look forward to all the new challenges that you will be bringing our way. Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you Deanna and Quinn!!" ~ Rina Lischka

This is music to my soul. I want to thank anyone and everyone who shares the benefits of Block Therapy with others, as it is word of mouth that has allowed us to grow and impact the lives of many. All I want is to see a world where people know they can look after themselves and I will continue with this mission lifelong, as I don’t see a better way to spend my time here.

Breathe & Believe,



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