Thermodynamics & How it Applies to Healing

When the body falls from correct alignment, there is a bunching of fascia that gets in the way of optimal range of motion – compression. There needs to be space for flow – if tissue or anything else gets in the way of that space, there is obstruction to ease – thereby creating dis-ease. The journey I had with this young man taught me so much about fascia and melting: to see his shoulders relax and broaden and observe the new range he had in them gave me such a revelation about what melting fascia was all about and the benefits to all layers of health, mobility and how we age.

Another amazing thing that happened was observing his feet. His injury occurred 8 months prior to me connecting and working with him. At this point, his feet had very little blood flow. At one point during our time together, he shared that the skin on his feet were peeling and going through something strange. When I looked at them, it was obvious what was going on -- they too were melting. Like when you take a frozen dinner from the freezer and leave it on the counter, it begins to sweat and expand. Freezing takes the “life” out so to preserve the integrity within. When you thaw it to awaken to its potential to live again, it expands as the ice turns to liquid and rehydrates. To witness this in his feet was incredible as it showed, on a cellular level, what was happening.

Due to unforeseen circumstances and unfortunate challenges, my work with this young man was cut short and didn’t end with the initial vision in mind. It did, however, lead me down a path of discovery that has led to a greater understanding of fascia and how to address the body. I am forever grateful for his time and contribution to my work so to be able to deliver information with a greater sense of clarity than had I not had this experience.

One of the biggest understandings that came from this was learning about the second law of thermodynamics -- Nature Abhors a Gradient. When you learn about universal laws, it makes it “safe” to apply them into real life to see what the outcomes may be. As there is only an intention to assist and heal, harming anyone or anything is never the goal. However, when you are given rules to apply that don’t make sense to your deeper truths, the only way to challenge them and find new solutions is to apply them and see what happens.

I remember the first time I was given an opportunity to work with a client who had sustained a severe metatarsal fracture and apply a different protocol than what I learned in university as an Athletic Therapist. He was an 18-year-old rugby player who had playoffs in 3 weeks from the time of his injury. He was told to not bear weight on the foot for 4 weeks, yet was the captain of the team and they needed him to play . I first saw John 6 days after the injury.

I must admit I was nervous. Again, not wanting to do harm - I wasn’t skeptical about the outcome, but never doing it before, it was only an idea to be proven. I always trusted my hands more than my brain as this technique that came through me wasn’t something I concocted in my mind, but something I opened myself to feel and share. I always trusted this, and so I went ahead. The result was incredible. He was able to play in 3 weeks with full mobility and little pain. Click here to see this transformation. This caused another young man, a soccer player who sustained a Jones Fracture to fly to Winnipeg and receive treatments. In only 1 day, he went from walking in a brace to walking with no pain. By the next day, he was bounding on both feet with no pain. Click here to see his transformation.

This experience gave me the strength and conviction to trust the universal laws that I had learned in my readings and apply them to the body. Over the years, I have only seen them become more ingrained in my teaching. Being able to understand that everything is connected, and in a way that is applicable to cell health has provided both a language and trust that what I am sharing is true and valuable for others to adopt and integrate as a method of self-care.  And, it isn’t only applicable to people . .

To be continued . . . 

Breathe & Believe,


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