Fascia & Fertility

Every process in the body requires energy. If there is a lack, we may experience pain, fatigue, chronic inflammation, brain fog, issues with managing a healthy size and shape, as well as a myriad of other health conditions. Also, if there are challenges trying to conceive, this may be the reason why.

I recently did a podcast talking about fertility. I was sharing my insights regarding the overall temperature of the body, and how with unconscious breathing and posture, adhesions build up throughout the layers of fascia, decreasing tissue temperature. The interviewer then mentioned that in Chinese medicine, there is a condition called Cold Womb Syndrome. With this, there is a lack of energy in the body, causing a reduction of circulation to the womb, depriving it of the necessary nutrients.

I truly appreciate understanding the body from the perspective of fascia. As much as we are containers with parts, we are also a fluid matrix where every cell is interconnected. This takes the complexity out of trying to understand what is going on when complications arise. When looking at the container with parts, you zero in on the issue at hand and look at what is not working, then attempt to fix the parts. With fascia, you take a broad approach and see why the energy in the body is low, then work to improve overall health.

With fertility, whether man or woman, scar tissue and adhesions will be the culprit. Sometimes scar tissue is blocking the fallopian tubes which prevents the egg from descending, there may be a buildup and disruption of the uterine wall (endometriosis), there may be fibroids or cysts, a cold uterus, pelvic adhesions; for men there may be insufficient or weak sperm from trauma, overheating or infections. All are a function of a build-up of adhesions/scar tissue, resulting in a lack of flow.

When viewing body challenges from the perspective of your fascia rather than the container and its parts, you are given a path that not only focuses on the issue at hand, but the body's overall health and well-being. If you are full of adhesions throughout the layers of your fascia, then to target one area in the efforts of creating health will not provide a foundational shift to your issues. Like trying to heat your house with a space heater, there isn’t enough power to impact more than 1 enclosed area. However, turn on the furnace and the entire house warms up.

This view is particularly important if you are wanting to grow life inside you. Your health will determine the health of your baby. Your breath will become your baby’s breath. There is no better gift that you can give to your future child than having a strong connection to your diaphragm and conscious breathing. In Yoga, they say you are born with a signature posture and the goal of this lifetime is to break through that. My interpretation of this is that we are born with our mother’s breath and the goal of this lifetime is to integrate more of the diaphragm with every breath. Your breath determines everything. 

There is a quote from James Nestor’s book titled Breath: 

“Our ability to breathe full breaths, according to the researchers, appears to be literally a measure of living capacity.” 

This is a profound statement as it is saying that if we breathe in a shallow way like many do, from the upper chest rather than the diaphragm, that your years will be less on this planet than if you learn to breathe consciously. Considering a baby adopts this breath as it develops in the womb, it makes sense for you, Mom, to be conscious of your own breathing and to be the healthiest version that you can be. 

Posture is also a key factor as space within is required for flow. We are like a building with foundations to support proper alignment. If your foundation is off, then so will be everything up the chain. It is the posture that determines the internal space . . . fall out of alignment and you have areas of compression . . . compression blocks flow and adhesions develop. The breath and posture are intimately tied together as the diaphragm needs optimal space in the core to properly function.

Learning and applying the concepts of Fascia Decompression will go a long way in your overall health, your ability to conceive, as well as the future health of your family. There is truly nothing more important than being the healthiest version of you. It’s not selfish, it’s the most selfless thing for all involved.

Learn more in this week's episode of The Fascia Masters below.

Breathe & Believe,


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