MY BLOCK STORY: Scoliosis|Self-Confidence

This week, we are putting the spotlight on Edna Guzman, Block Therapy Instructor and co-creator of Spanish Block Therapy University.

"A path of reconciliation, understanding, caring and forgiveness: that would be the best way to describe my healing journey with my Block Buddy.

 It all started when I was only 12 years old. My parents noticed how one of my shoulders was higher than the other. The diagnosis was easily reached after x-rays: Scoliosis. In my case, the treatments involved monthly visits to the Chiropractor for spine adjustment and sometimes weekly visits depending on the how my back behaved.

 As I was an overweight girl, my self-esteem was not at its best. I learned to dress accordingly, trying not to show too much of the deviation, not realizing how my posture was making it worse. My self-image prevented me from standing tall, as I found myself at a disadvantage compared to the other girls my age.

Losing weight was a priority for me since I desperately needed to feel more attractive to others. As I grew older, my internal battle grew. I learned to manage the discomfort, pain and inflammation as it came. It was more of a denial than an acceptance, as I tried desperately to show myself and others how I could be successful in other areas of my life despite my back issues.

The real challenge came during 2016 when my back was at its worst. At age 53, pain and inflammation were increasing as I was at the peak of my career as a Training and Development Coach: a job I truly have passion for, but it required long periods of standing for hours while teaching corporate workshops."

"I started meditation and Yoga to manage the pain. Compassion started to flow as I spoke to my Scoliosis realizing it had served a purpose in my life, and it was no longer needed. With a gratitude mantra, I started to search for an alternative solution. My mind and my soul knew better, despite my Chiropractor’s suggestion to retire from work as my curve had reach a dangerous 30 degrees combined with disk fusion, osteoarthritis, spondylolisthesis, spine compression, and more . . .

With determination, I found Fluid Isometrics on the web. I reached out to Deanna, who explained the process and rushed the Block to my attention. At the beginning, I must confess, I thought it was a treatment to get better. I started as an obedient student, not realizing the therapy was going to change my life. I came to realize that Block Therapy is not a treatment, it is a way of life. It is about caring and listening to my body as I seek the pain and provide the oxygen and blood flow it needs. It is about connecting with myself, allowing the fascia, all the connective tissue, to be free and at peace, serving the purpose it is here to perform. The Block is my Companion, my Coach, and my Mentor through my journey to acknowledge and love the real me.

My back has straightened, and the pain is gone. I lost an 8cm fibrous cyst from my uterus as it disintegrated with the Block. I am opening and maintaining space, lengthening my core while taking care of my feet. In turn and in gratitude for what the Block has done for me, I joined BTU and became the first Certified Spanish Teacher instructing others how to be whole.

I am eternally grateful for having Deanna at my side, facilitating the process with her wisdom. The Block user’s community brings joy and direction to my journey. I am grateful, I am blessed.

My journey is filled with compassion."

Edna appeared on the Fascia Masters in April, 2020. Hear more of her story in the video below.
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Breathe and Believe

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