Deanna’s Journey pt.4: Peace and Resolution

This week's blog completes my four week journey from childhood, chronic pain and anxiety in adulthood to the wonderful freedoms I now experience in my body. It is my hope that you have a greater understanding of your own life, the patterns that are presenting in your body, and the knowledge that you have the power to correct a lifetime of poor postural understanding.

Four years have passed, and my hip is still in the forefront of my awareness because of the pain I am experiencing. But . . . the changes I have made and the blessing that have come make this so incredibly worth it.

The first and most amazing blessing for me was my issue with constipation. I had been struggling since I was about 10 years old. I would have moments when it would improve, but my system never felt fully able to rid itself of all the waste. This didn’t feel like a gut issue, but more like a door was closed inside my pelvis. 

Literally the day after I shifted my posture and experienced that knowing hip pain, I had the most amazing bowel movement. I was shocked. It was effortless and complete -- not something I had known. Suddenly I realized that the hip joint was the closed door, and now that I had shifted my pelvis, flow was happening. Four years later, I am still experiencing this morning ritual of a fulfilling elimination. For those of you who struggle with constipation -- you know what I mean. I will take pain over being backed up any day of the week. 

Another thing that has happened is my entire shape has changed. It was like my hip was too far outside the body, causing me to be wider in general. Even my ribcage has shifted, and I feel more streamlined in myself. I still have a long way to go as I can see the asymmetry still present in my pelvis and legs, but to have moved to a better sense of balance continues to motivate me to keep going.

What is so interesting is I can feel in my entire left leg the rebuilding that is taking place. When you grow from that place of dysfunction, you grow twisted in your body. You can see this in nature, how a tree will grow around something if it’s being impeded in any way. Energy travels in waves and spirals. If there is a disruption to the wave, the spiral begins. I can literally feel the undoing of my cell alignment and the reorganization taking place with this process.

Not long ago during one of my sessions on myself, I was taken back to that burn I sustained on my arch at the age of three. It was such a neat experience as it made me feel as though I had tapped into that time and place in my fascia’s memory, giving me the feedback that I was doing some really profound and deep healing. Realizing at the age of three I had rolled to the outside of my foot to be able to walk and avoid that third-degree burn, it once again brought me back to how that simple act of compensating likely was the beginning of this mess inside. 

Before the hip pain surfaced four years ago, I had an experience when I was on holidays and doing a lot of walking. I had a blister on one of my toes, causing me to compensate in my gait as I still had a couple of miles before reaching my destination. At the time, my body was feeling great. The next day however, my whole body was stiff and sore. It was quite a wake-up call just how impactful compensating with movement is to our entire frame.

I share this with you, so you understand pain and its role in our lives. Of course, no one wants to be in pain, but no one can avoid it either. It is the language the cells use to provide information. Without it, we would never change our course. I truly don’t believe we were put here on this planet to simply exist and maintain a status quo, but to grow and evolve. And it is through challenging ourselves that we are pushed to the edges so as to find a new way, a new course and a new alignment.

Most people today aren’t aware of the ability the body has to regenerate and heal. As much as there are many out there trying to share how technology will allow us to live longer, be stronger, heal faster . . . without becoming an active player in your own body, I don’t see how this will be a real or long-term solution. Without understanding how to release and let go of past behaviours and traumas, being able to engage a full diaphragmatic breath, and actively supporting your body’s proper foundations through awareness and action, I don’t see how something outside ourselves can fully and positively replace the need to be consciously involved in the direction of health and aging.

Healing the body is a journey and an act of self-love. It takes effort, time and discipline, but the gains to be had are what make this life a playground and exploration for your soul. Your body is the container from which you share your life with the world. To not give it time and attention is like buying a Ferrari and driving it recklessly, letting it sit to accumulate dust and rust, and filling the gas tank with the cheapest of fuels. 

Treat your body like the temple it is. Understand that pain is not the enemy, but a friend to give advice and focus. Allow patience to be in the forefront, as we are all a mess from the get-go. We have years of abuse, trauma, negative behaviours and experiences that have all added up in the fascia and that are weighing down on your soul. Understand that being pain free is a goal, but possibly not a reality. Having said that, when you take care of yourself and your cells, you continue to evolve to new heights and liberate yourself from the chains of the past.

This life is meant for us to bring our creative gifts to the surface and to share them with the world. For many, they are hidden beneath the layers of trauma and pain. By moving into them on purpose, with love, clarity, guidance and direction, pain ceases to be the issue. The positive changes take center stage and progress happens.

Most importantly, when going through any healing modality, connect to those on a similar path. We need each other. If you would like to join our private FB Block Therapy community, there are many beautiful souls to give you continued guidance and support.

From my cells to yours, 

Breathe & Believe

Next Week: 90 Day Challenge: The Advanced Edition

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  1. Your story is so inspiring. I am going to join the 90 day challenge in April. I feel the time is right. A transformation is brewing deep inside me. This is my year to clear all negativity. Starting with this challenge is happening at the perfect time.

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