Block Therapy & Fluid Isometrics for the Shins & Calves – 90 Minute Virtual Intensive


The key to getting the results you want and need in your body comes from knowing where the cause is to your struggles. Focusing on the area of pain or issue will only provide temporary relief. I have learned over the years that releasing the lower legs is of paramount important to your overall fascia health.

The tibia in the lower leg is a long triangular bone with lots of surface area. Fascia grips and adheres to bone in order to create stability when we aren’t conscious of proper alignment. The further the tissue is from the engine — the diaphragm — the stronger the tissue seals to bone – a force up to 2000 pounds per square inch.

As fascia interconnects every cell, we need to understand how incorrect mechanics can create problems up the chain. Low back pain and even issues with weight, for example, are a direct result of what is happening in the foundation of the body. You can spend countless hours working on the pain sites, exercising for health and fitness, and never get the results you desire. Until the lower legs are released, every step you take pulls you back into your negative alignment.

This class will combine using the block, as well as your hands to free the fascia from your tibia. To list the benefits of this class would go on for pages. The lower legs are responsible, in part, for every issue in your body. Without releasing and aligning them, you simply won’t be free of your pain and struggles.

Intensive Duration: 90 Minutes

Block Buddy required. 




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