Strengthening Core Rotation with Block Therapy and Isometrics – 90 Minute Virtual Intensive


Having full range of motion and optimal strength in the core allows all activities to be done with ease. On the flip side, when the core and ribcage are stuck together, the body is forced to compensate which causes undo stress to the back, hips and shoulders, as well as negatively affects the organs.

This 90 minute class will combine blocking and isometrics holds, all focused on improving core rotation and strength. Besides the benefits of feeling free, light and strong in your body, the aesthetic benefits will be appreciated, as this is the work needed to gain an hour- glass figure and trim waistline.

Another amazing benefit to this will be the cleaning of the abdominal organs. If you are struggling with issues with digestion, elimination, fatty liver disease or issues with your gall bladder or pancreas, the squeezing action of the work will wring out the toxins to provide a deep internal cleaning.

This is also the work any athlete would benefit from. Whatever sport you are playing, rotation is key for optimal performance. This will help to create symmetry in the body to make huge gains with performance.

Intensive Duration: 90 Minutes

Block Buddy required. 





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