Meet Your Newest Block Therapy™ Instructor, Brad Young

Congratulations to our newest Certified Block Therapy™ Instructor, Brad Young! Brad Young is a Certified Yoga Instructor & a Certified Block Therapy™ Instructor Brad has been a Certified Yoga Instructor since 2008. He discovered Block Therapy™ while searching for a non-medicated solution to to the pain he was suffering from. After experiencing the overwhelming results for natural pain-relief…

A Natural Treatment for Arthritis

Searching for a natural treatment for arthritis? We have the answer. Osteoarthritis is the result of mechanical wearing of the cartilage in the joints. “Itis” means inflammation of the structure. For example, bursitis, folliculitis, tendonitis…and arthritis refers to inflamed cartilage that lines the joints. Inflammation results because the joint is no longer properly aligned, and…

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