A Natural Treatment for Arthritis

A natural treatment for arthritis

Searching for a natural treatment for arthritis? We have the answer.

Osteoarthritis is the result of mechanical wearing of the cartilage in the joints. “Itis” means inflammation of the structure. For example, bursitis, folliculitis, tendonitis…and arthritis refers to inflamed cartilage that lines the joints.

Inflammation results because the joint is no longer properly aligned, and the space to support proper movement has been compromised from incorrect posture, and perhaps injury to the area. Whatever the reason for the stress, what needs to happen is that the space in the area needs to be “put back” in order to re-establish blood and oxygen flow to the cells so the body can repair the damaged tissue and resume with its function.

Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy provides a natural treatment for arthritis

Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy is a natural treatment for arthritis, as the whole body is addressed to find its way back to correct alignment. In the shoulder, for example, the rib cage creates the foundation for the joint, so in order for re-alignment of the shoulder, the alignment of the rib cage is key. Proper breathing is also required to feed the cells oxygen, which is the foundation of Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy.

It is easy to feel helpless when our body starts experiencing pain. Chronic pain can change the outlook we have towards life. It is exhausting and can lead us into depression. However, to understand what is required for health and healing, and to face the pain we have instead of fearing the pain, we can move towards repairing the body and feeding the cells what they need to function with ease.

Ultimately, we can let gravity and fear continue to pull us down, or we can see pain for what it is, a language the body uses to provide us with information. Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy will provides a natural treatment for arthritis by guiding you to understanding your own body, and if practiced, will put the space back into your tissue and joints that time has taken away. If you do it, it works!

To your health, healing and rejuvenation,

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen

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A natural treatment for arthritis
with Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy.

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