4 Stages of Tissue Freeze

I remember when I was a kid and learned that at some point, we die. Prior to that moment, I believed (and who knows where this came from), that we age to 100 years old, then we start getting younger. The realization came when my mom mentioned that her cousin had passed, which totally threw me for a loop. As much as this is obviously not the case, there is some truth to this when it comes to our ability to resurrect cells in the body that have been blocked from flow. 

There are 4 stages that tissue goes through.

Stage 1 is healthy tissue. This is where cells have optimal space to absorb oxygen and nutrients carried in the blood;  they also have the space for toxins and waste to be efficiently carried away. Optimal space is the key for cell health, as this presents an ease of flow, leaving tissue properly fed and clean.

Stage 2 occurs when there is injury. When there is breakage to tissue from a force entering the body, there are gaps in the system. This could be tears the soft tissue - muscle, tenson, ligament . . . or a break to a bone. The body sees this gap and initiates the repair process through directing blood flow to the site - inflammation. The body knows what nutrients it needs to send, our job is to support this process. If we do, then the body rebuilds the tissue that has become damaged, bringing balance back once the repair process is complete: the result is tissue that has moved back to stage 1.

However, and this is where it gets interesting, if we don’t support the body’s natural response and treat injury with conventional methods such as icing and immobilization, then the gap gets filled in with scar tissue. This version of healing is different as the tissue hasn’t been repaired to its pre-injured state. Scar tissue has no elasticity and changes the actual shape of the tissue in that area. It becomes contracted and dense and blocks blood flow to cells on the other side. As the body is designed to rebuild tissue, it senses that healing isn’t complete and continues to send blood flow to rebuild.

In time, this process will create a stagnancy in the area. Additional blood flow that is consistently sent to an area where there is scar tissue gets backed up and congested. The space that was once available for cells becomes filled with healing nutrients that have nowhere to go, like a traffic jam. As more cells become damaged from this, more adhesions and scar tissue develop, slowing the flow even further. The tissue is now in stage 3: stagnation, which is much cooler than the temperature of healthy tissue.

In time, stage 3 will progress to stage 4, where there is so much blockage that there is little to no flow at all, and cells begin to be shut away from any life whatsoever -- essentially, they are frozen in time.

This may sound like a scary scenario, but you can reverse the damage, even from stage 4.

There is no dead tissue in a living body, only tissue blocked from life. We have this incredible ability to heal if we give the body what it needs. No matter if you are in stage 3 or 4, the body needs to have the engine turned on to heat up the areas that have been congested. This will melt the scar tissue and adhesions, as well get the fluids that have become sluggish and frozen to mobilize. The first thing the body will do is pull the damage and debris away from the site and create space for actual healing to begin. All the nutrients that were sent in the inflammation – the potential energy – will now awaken to their intention which is to rebuild the tissue.

If energy and conscious attention continue, healing continues. Eventually you get back to stage 2 where there is a ton of energy in the system because you have taken the tissue back to the state when it was injured. Injury creates an opportunity for quantum leaps in healing as you are again, igniting the body’s response to rebuild that gap that was initially created when the injury took place. From here, you can take the body back to stage 1 - healthy spacious tissue - as you continue to support the body’s natural repair process.

The journey from stage 3 or 4 to healthy tissue can take time and a full body approach is required. Compensations that occur over years from injuries that healed with scar tissue affect the alignment of the entire body and slow the overall flow of blood and oxygen throughout. But every step of the way, gains are made, and improvement occurs. This is the exciting part as you don’t have to give in to past trauma that affected your health - you can act now and begin to see changes almost immediately.

Understanding your innate ability to heal, to repair and to undo past traumas and injuries is at your fingertips with fascia decompression. To learn more or to begin your journey, click here.

Breathe & Believe,


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