The Four Stages of Tissue Freeze: Fascia’s Role in Healing | The Fascia Masters, Season 2 – Episode 7

A few weeks ago, we did a deep dive into the topic of inflammation, exploring its various forms and implications. However, what caught our attention was Deanna's mention of the four stages of tissue freeze—a concept that sheds light not only on inflammation but also on injuries and how our bodies become denser over time. In this episode, we are dissecting these four stages and, most importantly, unveiling how we can reverse this process through the remarkable practice of fascia decompression. Let's talk about the four stages of tissue freeze.

Stage One: Healthy Tissue
In this stage, we have a healthy, spacious body where optimal flow to and from cells is the norm. While perfection might be elusive, this is the state of an individual who experiences minimal issues in their body.

Stage Two: Acute Injury
Stage two typically occurs when we face an acute injury, like a sprained ankle. Here lies a crucial opportunity for healing. The body's immediate response is inflammation—an essential process that directs resources to the injured area. Properly supporting inflammation can lead to the complete healing of the tissue, returning it to its pre-injury state.

Stage Three: Chronic Inflammation
Chronic inflammation is the body's way of signaling that an area hasn't healed completely. This stage is where things become interesting, as it can have far-reaching implications, possibly contributing to diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer's, and cancer. Understanding how to navigate this stage becomes pivotal in the journey to wellness.

Stage Four: Tissue Freeze
Stage four is where inflammation and adhesions have reached a point of extreme congestion and blockage. This stage is often where diseases take root due to the lack of proper flow and stagnancy. Crucially, it's not tissue death but rather tissue freeze, and it offers a unique opportunity for recovery.

The fascinating aspect of these stages is that we can move back and forth between them. It's possible to transition from stage four to stage three, then to stage two, and ultimately to stage one by employing fascia decompression techniques. This process reawakens dormant energy and oxygenates previously frozen areas, kickstarting the body's natural healing processes. Understanding the four stages of tissue freeze grants us profound insight into the dynamics of inflammation, injuries, and the body's remarkable potential for healing. With the practice of fascia decompression, we can harness the power to reverse this freeze, promoting optimal health and well-being.

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