Transform Your Reality: Fascia, Perception, and the Path to Healing | The Fascia Masters, Season 3 – Episode 8

In today's episode, we talk about how we see things versus how they really are. Our discussion kicks off with insights from Tom McCarthy, a leader and teacher, who explained that our subconscious mind mostly drives our actions and beliefs. He showed us how our thoughts shape our reality, using a cool experiment with breaking through limiting beliefs.

We then link perception and reality to our body's way of breathing and the connective tissue - or the fascia. Breathing deeply connects us to the present, while shallow breathing ties us to past fears and worries.

We also touch on quantum physics, where energy influences what happens around us. This means that our thoughts can change what we experience. By breaking through negative thoughts and focusing on positive ones, we can heal and attract good things into our lives.

By understanding and changing our perceptions, we can create the reality we want!

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