Aligning Your Workout: Block Therapy Before or After Fitness? | The Fascia Masters, Season 3 – Episode 7

We often get asked if it is better to Block before you workout of after - so let's talk about it!

Our bodies adapt to habitual positions and movements that we make, shaping our alignment and influencing our breathing patterns. Whether it's spending hours on the couch, favouring one sleeping position, or maintaining asymmetrical postures in sports or at work, these habits can lead to collapses and adhesions within our fascia.

Here is a basic scenario: a typical weight training or bodybuilding workout. Engaging in such activities without addressing underlying fascial imbalances can exacerbate misalignments, further reinforcing adhesions. While younger individuals may experience some relief from movement alone due to fewer adhesions, it's essential to recognize that unconscious posture can counteract the benefits of exercise, potentially leading to increased misalignment.

So, should you perform Block Therapy before or after your workout? Beginning with Block Therapy prior to weight training activates the breath, optimizes bodily flow, and identifies and releases major collapses and adhesions. By doing this you prevent reinforcing these adhesions during your workout and also create a heightened awareness of proper alignment, setting the stage for more effective strength training.

Whether you're hitting the gym, going on a morning run, or simply doing your daily activities, remember, every movement is an opportunity to refine your alignment and enhance your well-being. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and alignment, and witness the transformative power of Block Therapy unfold in your fitness journey.

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