Fascia: A Game Changer for Your Fitness & Well-Being | The Fascia Masters, Season 2 – Episode 10

Have you ever thought about your fascia while you were exercising? Few people realize the important relationship between exercise, our fascial system, and overall health.

Let's first take a look at the age-old simplistic "calories in versus calories out" model when it comes to exercise and weight management. While it is scientifically true that burning more calories than you consume can lead to weight loss, the process is far more intricate. The effectiveness of calorie management is closely tied to factors like metabolism, detoxification, and posture.

A study by the Medical News in Australia found that 84% of weight loss is excreted through the exhalation phase of breathing. Proper exhalation is essential for efficiently removing waste from the body, and exercise can play a crucial role in facilitating this process. However, it's not just about exercising more; it's about exercising correctly, ensuring that your body is aligned for optimal functionality.

Posture can significantly affect how exercise impacts your body. For example, the way you stand and the position of your feet can influence the alignment of your body's fascial system. Poor posture can create grooves of fascia that lead to compression, bloating, and other issues that make exercise less effective.

Your metabolism is influenced by the fascial system as well. Compressed fascia can inhibit the free flow of nutrients and waste within the body, making metabolism less efficient. By understanding how fascia affects metabolism, we can see that exercise should not be solely focused on burning calories, it should also be about optimizing the body's internal processes.

The relationship between exercise and the fascial system is more intricate than we often realize. Proper breathing, posture, and fascial health play pivotal roles in achieving fitness and health goals. To learn more about Deanna's journey with exercise as well as the importance of proper breathing, posture, and cellular alignment in the context of weight loss and muscle building - check out today's podcast episode.

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