Unraveling Trauma: How Fascia Holds the Key to Healing | The Fascia Masters, Season 2 – Episode 9

Trauma is any insult or injury that affects an individual on multiple levels, encompassing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of one's being. This insight is fundamental to our exploration of trauma's profound reach.

Trauma frequently triggers a reactive breath-holding response. The failure to release stored trauma in the body can lead to various physical and emotional issues. Proper breath control and exhalation are key components of this process. Whether the trauma is a result of a physical injury, an emotional wound, a mental insult, or a spiritual crisis, it can cause us to unconsciously hold their breath. This response has far-reaching implications, impacting not only our mental state but also our physical and emotional well-being.

What's truly fascinating about trauma is that it's rarely a solitary experience. Various types of trauma can overlap and influence one another. For instance, a physical injury, such as a shattered ankle, can lead to emotional trauma, particularly when it disrupts a person's life ambitions. On the flip side, emotional or mental trauma, like being labeled "stupid," can trigger physical changes, affecting one's breathing patterns and body shape. This interconnectedness underscores the complexity of trauma's impact.

The age at which trauma occurs plays a pivotal role in shaping an individual's life. Traumatic events during developmental stages can have enduring effects on physical and emotional well-being. Trauma experienced in childhood, for example, can have a long-lasting impact on one's overall outlook on life and well-being.

We encourage you to reflect on your own experiences and consider how past traumas may be affecting your present life, emphasizing the significance of processing and releasing these wounds for a healthier, more balanced future.

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