Acute Injury Treatment With Fluid Isometrics

The first thing that we are told to do for acute injury treatment, whether it’s a tear in tissue or a fracture in the bone, is to ice it for 48 to 72 hours in order to control inflammation.

At Fluid Isometrics, We Take A Different Approach
To Acute Injury Treatment

The second law of Thermodynamics is that nature abhors a gradient. Which means when there is a gap in the system, nature is going to fill that gap in. A tear in a ligament, or a muscle, or a bone fracture, is really a gap. The body naturally sends blood flow through inflammation to send oxygen, healing proteins and whatever is required to rebuild that area. If we stop that from happening, nature still abhors that gradient so it’s still going to fill it in and what happens is, instead of allowing the tissue to be rebuilt properly, the netting, (the fascia), gets sucked in in a spiral creating scar tissue.

We Don’t Use Ice For Acute Injury Treatment

When you use ice for acute injury treatment, scar tissue will actually shorten the tissue and create a hard dense area that becomes a block to blood flow for the rest of our life. What we want to do instead for acute injury treatment, is to assist the natural response of the body by adding energy into the area – melting through that scar tissue (fascia).

When we ice something it`s like depriving a new born baby love for 2 to 3 days. If we have just created injury to a whole bunch of cells we don’t want to ignore it and push it away by stopping blood flow, we actually want to assist that process by adding energy instead of taking energy away.

We have been told for so long to stop inflammation. If we know the proper acute injury treatment we can heal so much faster.

An Example Of Acute Injury Treatment With Fluid Isometrics

Quinn Castelane had a major fracture of his ankle a few years back. He shattered his fibula bone in about eight or nine places and broke his tibia bone in two places, one within the growth plate. It was dislocated and all the ligaments were torn. Quinn was admitted to hospital for surgery.

When he was released, I went over for a visit and started working on his quad to make sure he was getting proper blood flow to supply the entire leg – to prevent it from ‘freezing up‘. That same day, Quinn actually started to apply pressure and slowly stand on his broken fractured ankle.

Quinn was told that he would be in a cast for up to 3 months. If we had just left that area alone and continued to slow the healing process by icing it, then it would have taken a very long time, the healing would have been less complete and less efficient.

How Fluid Isometrics Accelerates Healing of Acute Injury

The way that we accelerate healing acute injury is by starting to add pressure, thereby adding energy into the system, always very controlled and always with the breath. As long as we are breathing diaphragmatically we are feeding and healing the area.

By harnessing the power of Fluid Isometrics for acute injury treatment, Quinn was out of his cast within 4 weeks – 1/3 of the time that the Doctors had estimated.

An Important Note Regarding Acute Injury Treatment… 

When we have a serious acute injury, such as a fracture, it is with the manual technique of Fluid Isometrics that I treat the injury. I am not suggesting that you attempt to deal with your injury in the manner described in the video. Having said that, Block Therapy is developed from the principles of Fluid Isometrics and the application, no matter the extent of the injury, will only benefit healing in conjunction with whatever approach you take for your healing. Block Therapy improves blood and oxygen flow to the cells in general, which is of paramount importance for tissue to repair.


Fluid Isometrics Acute Injury Treatment – 4th Metatarsal Fracture

Fluid Isometrics Acute Injury Treatment – Jones Fracture – 5th Metatarsal

Put The Healing Into Your Own Hands
With Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy

You can put the healing into your own hands by practicing Block Therapy, the self-care version of Fluid Isometrics that consists of the Block Buddy and the Block Therapy Intro Video Series.

Acute Injury Treatment with Block Therapy

Order The Fluid Isometrics
Block Therapy Starter Package


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