Body Building Tips – How to Increase Calf Size

Want the secret on how to increase calf size?

This is one of those awesome truths that I often use to explain what it is hard to understand or see in the actual body.

how to build calf muscles how to increase calf size

My nephew Quinn and I just spent an incredible week in LA. We were walking on the boardwalk in Santa Monica and came across this twisted tree root.

Quinn won 2nd place in a city-wide physique competition this spring. His body is generally well balanced, but his calf muscles need to develop further to look proportioned. I have seen this many times before, where the lower leg muscles simply don’t stack up to the rest of the legs in size and proportion. I had explained to him that the fascia winds down the leg, in an attempt to stabilize the body when falling from balance due to unconscious posture and incorrect breathing, and squeezes the muscles down, binding them and limiting their growth. Lucky for Quinn I have a solution for how to increase calf size.

It is challenging for people to understand what they can’t see, so when I saw this beautiful representation of the same forces acting on a tree root…well, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Causes of Tissue Compression

What I see in the tissues of the body is the degree of space that an area contains, and what causes that area to become compressed. The way I see it, it all comes down to space. Where fascia squeezes the tissue is a lack of space because those twisting, winding forces create compression. Just squeeze your arm for a moment and notice the tension. Imagine all the tendons, muscles, nerves, arteries, veins, skin cells and fat cells that live where you are applying pressure. If every one of those cells was a person in a room, and that room was getting smaller, imagine how those people would feel. In fact I think I saw a horror show about that once. At first there would be panic, and then genuine fear as the realization came that eventually the life would literally be squeezed from us.

Just thinking about it brings a knot to my stomach, and that is actually what cells in our body are experiencing when we collapse into our internal space from unconscious posture and breathing. Everything in nature is a mirror of itself so perhaps that is the root reason that we actually suffer from issues of anxiety. The cells are getting squished and they experience fear as a result.

How to Increase Calf Size
by Improving Blood Flow.

how to increase calf muscle size

So my mission on our trip was to help Quinn breathe more space and life into his calves, giving him a more balanced look, but more importantly giving him healthier tissue from an increase in the blood flow in the legs. We spent four consecutive days doing Fluid Isometrics treatments and the results are visible. Now, when he is working them, he will be more effective at building calf muscle as there is more space for the cells to breathe and expand.

The same is true for people who have too much weight in a certain area. When there is no space in the tissue, cells aren’t fed properly, or cleaned fully. When flow is compromised due to a lack of space, the available cells are under immense pressure to perform the tasks we ask of them. Every action in the body creates waste (the bi-products of functioning) and if it isn’t cleared away efficiently, waste builds in the tissue and balloons out. The same mechanism of the fascia winding down and taking away the space for proper flow in tissue causes smaller than desired tissue for some and bigger than desired tissue for others. Keeping the tissue spacious, flowing and clean is required for good health.

No matter the area of the body we are referring to: arms, belly, legs, chin… if there is compression somewhere, there will be pressure somewhere else. When the rib cage collapses into the core, for example, the belly protrudes outward. When the shoulder joint is sealed in a forward alignment, the arms become billowy and lose their tone. When the head falls forward out of alignment causing compression at the front of the neck, the chin becomes thick. Wherever there is compression, or a lack of space, there is unfed, unclean tissue, which directly affects health and appearance.

Block Therapy teaches you to find the compressed or restricted tissue, which is where pain lives, and to release that compression to give the tissue the ability to be fed and clean. This translates to a healthier, more beautiful body and creates symmetry, balance and a feeling of calm on a cellular level.

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how to increase calf size

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