Understanding Posture With Fluid Isometrics

The Three Components of Fluid Isometrics

There are three components of Fluid Isometrics that we need to apply in order to create a body that is healthy and that we are happy with: The Block Buddy, proper diaphragmatic breathing and posture.

The first step with Fluid Isometrics is using the Block Buddy with Block Therapy. There are several e-books you can use to guide you as well as the Block Therapy Intro Video Series that teaches you how to use the Block Buddy  throughout the body to melt through frozen fascia thereby creating space that we have lost over time. In the Block Therapy Intro Video series you are also instructed on proper diaphragmatic breathing so you can learn to inflate the space that has been created. The third component is maintaining that space through proper posture.

Check Your Posture In The Mirror

I always like to teach people to look at themselves in the mirror so that they can get an understanding of what their body looks like and the asymmetries that develop over time.

It is pretty interesting to understand the fascia in the body and how it affects our organs and our functioning. Most people do not stand properly, we tend to slouch forward, the legs come out, and if you look at the difference from a sideways perspective, as we collapse into ourselves, the belly displaces outward. As a result, many of us have a belly or a spare tire that we may have been working hard to get rid of, but we’re struggling with that. You need to understand that it is not necessarily too much fat, but is actually displaced fascia from the collapse of the ribcage into the core.

Improper Posture Has Adverse Effects On our Health

Improper posture not only causes the belly to get big because of the mechanical collapse of the ribcage, but  it also affects the internal organs. They are not working as efficiently. We don’t digest as efficiently, we don’t eliminate as efficiently, and this causes a backlog of waste and parasites that can overtake us and make us sick. This also adds bulk and weight to us. Block Therapy will help you lose that weight and bulk.

Many of us are working hard exercising, working out, changing our diet, and nothing’s changing because the fascia will actually freeze and hold us out of alignment with a force of up to 2000 pounds per square inch. That is where Block Therapy comes in.

By working the Block Buddy through the tissue, we effectively ‘melt’ through that frozen fascia. We can then access the diaphragm to work properly which heats up these organs and gives us the opportunity to lift that ribcage up out of the way so that we can align properly.

How To Stand With Proper Posture

Understanding posture with Fluid IsometricsWe should have about 60% of our body weight on our heels. We want to be balanced and symmetrical on both feet. What most people do, is they stand with their feet far apart, often out like a duck, and then tend to shift their weight to one side so they can keep their dominant side free for action. This causes lots of problems in the body.

The impact of improper posture on the legs for example, is issues like cellulite, arthritis in the joints, plantar fasciitis, and restless leg syndrome.

Ultimately everything that we view as negative in the body really comes down to blocks to blood flow. Blood flows carrying the oxygen and nutrients so that the cells will function well and be healthy, but if there are blocks along the way then the cells begin to starve and shut down. When we are breathing diaphragmatically, we are feeding the body up to 600% more oxygen than when we breathe with the chest muscles, but most people are breathing with their chest, which is effectively shutting down the cells and that is truly why our tissue ages.

Change The Shape Of Your Body

With Fluid Isometrics, the combination of working the Block Buddy through all the different areas of the body, practicing and strengthening that diaphragm muscle, and then maintaining proper posture, together are so effective at changing the shape of our body, the way that it functions, the way that we process emotion and even the way that we think.

When we have cells that are fed and happy, our mind is fed and happy. When they are struggling and stressed, we feel stressed. So taking the time in front of the mirror to truly observe yourself and to understand what you need to do to bring balance and alignment to the body will really help you change the way that you function on a daily level.

Be Aware Of Your Body

Some simple things to be aware of: if you find yourself falling to one side, which most of us do, make an effort to put your feet together and slightly bend the knees. Most of us stand hyper-extended at the knees. This causes the pelvis to tilt and the belly to fall. We want to have the feet together, knees slightly bent, and squeeze the anus. This is called ‘rooting’ and helps to align the pelvis and create the proper foundation for the diaphragm to work properly. This also affects the heart and the lungs, bringing them to the front of the chest. We want to be able to lift the ribcage up and turn the arms out. This will make such a difference in how we look and how we feel.

It’s so helpful to understand what we can do to be able to access our cells properly to get the body that we want to have, and the health that we want so that we can live life fully every day.

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen

For a deeper understanding of ‘rooting’ and why it’s important view the video

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