Fascia Decompression & Parkinson’s Disease – Part 2

Maintaining Space


Every cell in the body has its correct alignment, and if they are at home, there is optimal space. When we don’t have conscious awareness of postural foundations, cells migrate away from their natural resting place under the influences already mentioned, creating adhesions to keep the body from tipping over.


There are 3 main postural foundations that need to be observed and strengthened:

1. The Root
2. The Diaphragm
3. The Tongue

The Root

The body is like a building. If the foundation is weak and not aligned, everything up the chain is pulled into the system of collapse. Also, because the calves and feet are furthest from the diaphragm, this is where the tissue is most frozen. This is the most impactful cause site in the body. Even if you have issues with your shoulders, or head and neck, if you only work in that area, every time you take a step you will be pulled back into this system of collapse. Supporting our foundation is key to maintaining a body where the cells are aligned.

Rooting is the actions necessary to keep the lower body aligned. The feet should be directly under the hip joints, feet pointing straight ahead with the knees slightly bent. The kneecap should be aligned over the second toe. Then, the action of squeezing the anus is required to bring support to the posterior aspect of the perineum. This is what allows the body to bear 60% of the bodyweight on the heels, compared to the average 80% on the balls of the feet as seen in most people. This provides the proper foundation for everything up the chain, most notably, the ability for the diaphragm to move up and down in the core fully and completely.

The Diaphragm

 We have mentioned the significance of working this muscle, but to add, when breathing from this space, the diaphragm moves down to the feet with the inhalation, and up into the chest with the exhalation. It is the exhalation that is the counter force to gravity. When this muscle moves freely, the abdominal organs, heart and lungs are given a continual massage to keep them heated. This assists with optimal functioning as they are given energy with every breath, compared to when the diaphragm is weak and the contents above collapse into the core space.

In addition, breathing from this space also activates the parasympathetic nervous system, bringing the body to a state of relaxation. Breathing with the muscles of the upper chest creates internal tension and puts you into a chronic sympathetic state of flight or flight, exhausting the adrenals.

The Tongue

The tongue muscle functions not only to talk and chew, but also to support the weight of the head. When it is weak, it allows the collapse of the ribcage to draw the head forward, strangling the carotid arteries, negatively affecting the thyroid gland, and blocking the major lymphatic drainage sites under the clavicles.

When properly aligned, the surface of the tongue rests at the roof of the mouth. This helps to prevent the forward head posture that occurs with aging, keeping the brain properly positioned in the skull. Shrinking of the frontal lobe occurs with ageing, which this helps to prevent. As well, the flow to and from the brain stays optimal as there is no compression on the channels for flow if kept in proper alignment.

These 3 pillars – Creating Space, Inflating Space and Maintaining Space, work in concert to ensure that cells migrate back to where they should be positioned, and once there, maintain the internal space for fluids and energy to flow freely through the body.

To be continued

Breathe & Believe,


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