A Natural Solution For Shoulder Pain

A Natural Solution for Shoulder Pain

A Natural Solution For Shoulder Pain Is Only A Block Away
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The root of my shoulder pain can be found in my youth.  I was a highland dancer and volleyball player. In volleyball, I was a power hitter, which meant I put my shoulder through a specific range of motion repeatedly, in the attempt of perfecting my spike. I couldn’t even estimate, over the number of years that I played, how many times I brought my arm up above my head, and then with all my force, slammed my hand into the ball to create that killer spike. It served me well in the game as I often scored the point. What I didn’t understand was what it was doing to my posture over time. Combining that with the static upper body posture in Highland dancing that I practiced for 11 years, I created an alignment in my spine, tissue and joints that was incorrect.

From there in my postural timeline, I went to university and became an athletic therapist. I was strong and had an innate understanding of tissue and how to work with it, and giving massage to treat patients became my primary tool. Unfortunately, that posture also accentuated my already incorrect alignment. In a constant forward stance to provide the force necessary to give an effective massage, I strengthened that dysfunction and added more pain and scar tissue into the area.

I didn’t yet understand Fluid Isometrics and what was necessary for relief, and I struggled with that pain for over 2 years. I thank God that today, I can see the body in its whole form and understand where the real cause of our struggle lay so that proper action can be taken to truly heal and remove the pain and dysfunction that exist.

In order to help the body heal shoulder pain, it is necessary to address the alignment of the rib cage.

The rib cage is the foundation to the shoulder joint. Having the shoulder properly aligned so it can move freely in the joint socket requires that the rib cage is supportive and aligned, and that the arm is active and aligned. The foundation starts at the diaphragm muscle, or the base of the rib cage.

When we don’t apply proper postural awareness and conscious diaphragmatic breathing, the rib cage literally collapses into the core of the body. The real challenge comes from the fact that over time, the compression in the tissue, from this collapse, begins to seal and freeze in the area. The tissue literally becomes cooler and, like ice compared to water, has no flow. We become stuck in this forward slump. A direct consequence of this is how the shoulder is forced to move, as gravity and compression are displacing that joint and adding immense pressure to the tissue. Compensation, over time, continues to draw the joint further away from its optimal resting place and fatigue and pain set in. This creates further immobility until the joint is literally frozen.

The natural solution to frozen shoulder and shoulder pain is in the melting of frozen fascia in all the areas that directly affect it’s alignment and function.

The body is directly connected from head to toe. In my Intro Series of Block Therapy, “Freedom is Only a Block Away”, this is why the whole body is addressed. My new e-book  ‘A Natural Solution to Shoulder Pain Is Only A Block Away plus the added video, demonstrates the specific areas to release the rib cage, shoulder, arm and hand to assist in the healing of issues with the shoulder. Having said that, working with this sequence of positions does so much more than treat shoulder pain and dysfunction, it benefits everything in the area.

By lifting the rib cage off the abdominal organs, we improve the functioning of each and every organ, as well as take the stress out of the core, resulting in a flatter belly. We also change the alignment for the head and neck, as the rib cage is the foundation, benefiting blood and energy to all tissue in this area. The arms and hands will also receive an increase in blood and oxygen flow and will re-align, not only affecting function, but also improving tissue tone and appearance.

The key to success is in the doing. The amount of time required to see improvements is dependent on many things, but Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy can be practiced daily and making a specific area a focus will show benefits in a short amount of time with everyday application ensuring constant progress. By following the sequence provided in the e-book,   ‘A Natural Solution to Shoulder Pain Is Only A Block Away’  you will systematically melt through restrictions in tissue and optimally oxygenate your body, allowing for proper re-alignment and use of your shoulder. The added video provides a more in depth approach to the rib cage and arms.

To your health, healing and rejuvenation,

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen

A Natural Solution For Shoulder Pain Is Only A Block Away
Get the e-book here


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