The Health Crisis of the Youth

The health crisis of the youth

The last 15 years has been a journey of self-discovery. At the age of 30, I was thrown into an anxiety attack so bad, I thought I was going to die. I was paralyzed with fear and didn’t think I could breathe. But there was something more in store for me. In that moment of terror I dove my hand into my abdomen, only to discover it was full of scar tissue. Having not had injury or surgery specific to the area, I hadn’t realized this tissue state prior to this moment. Suddenly, I understood what stood in the way of my health.

As an athletic therapist since 1995 who always focused on deep tissue work, I was very aware of the texture of scar tissue but had never felt this area. I was 50 lbs. overweight and seemed to store the majority of my fat in the core. As a result, I never felt the area because it brought up shame. I hated that place on my body, and spent thousands of hours reminding myself. In that moment, however, I understood why I would come home from a 5 mile run, dripping with sweat, only to find the area cold to the touch. This thick, dense tissue was blocking blood and energy flow.

After 2 nights of working deeply in the abdomen I felt different, lighter. I went to the mirror and was amazed at what I saw. I even started to cry. My belly looked flatter and calmer than it had looked in years. Only 2 days of work and it was remarkably different. After 2 weeks of regular work I noticed my chronic back pain improving, my bowels flowing better and the anxiety that persisted continually was dissipating. I flipped all of my patients onto their back and started working in their abdomen, only to find similar results.

This was 15 years ago when this all began. Today, at the age of 45, I have transformed all aspects of my life and truly represent the bodywork practice I call Fluid Isometrics. This work, on the most basic level, improves blood and energy flow to cells previously blocked, rejuvenating tissue, allowing for rapid healing of injury and providing better overall health for individuals. The majority of people are simply surviving in their physical body, as the breath is shallow and comes from the wrong place. To practice fluid Isometrics changes the way we drive the body forward in time, by melting through the restrictions created from unconscious living and breathing life into cells.

“The collapsed posture of the youth resulting from, in part, the age of technology, is causing them to strangle the diaphragm muscle, leaving them starving for oxygen.”

One of my passions is to reach the youth. They are the future and I have to say from a physical perspective, it is looking pretty dim. Their collapsed posture resulting from, in part, the age of technology, is causing them to strangle the diaphragm muscle, leaving them starving for oxygen. We feed the body 6 times the amount of oxygen when we use the diaphragm muscle to breathe properly compared to breathing with the muscles of the upper chest, as most do. 70% of the oxygen receptor sites, alveoli, live at the base of the lungs and shallow breathing simply won’t pull the air in deeply enough to reach them. Waste removal is also limited, as we don’t exhale fully or properly, leaving us toxic, and often swollen on a cellular level.

Today, many of the youth have aged rapidly from the accelerated internal collapse of the rib cage into the core, causing a displacement of organs and slowing of systems functioning. Digestion and elimination are compromised, causing individuals to be backed up with waste, and weight, and creating an environment ripe for disease. Their forward posture will have a direct effect on their emotional states as waves of emotion can’t pass through tissue freely and their minds will be burdened with stress. As time goes on, there will be more of the youth developing more disease and they will become a strain on the economy as a whole.

Solution to the health crisis of the youth

There is a solution to this if we take action and decide to be responsible for our own health and healing. And it is simple if you follow some simple steps I have laid out in my programs.

It all comes down to space. There is a space/time continuum. As we age (go through time), we decrease in our internal space. We become shorter and wider. The majority of people would report that is a true fact of aging. So in order to remove the time accumulated from the tissue, or age, we need to put the space back. That is what Fluid Isometrics does. It puts the space back that time takes away. There are a few different ways of creating this space, with block Therapy being the self-care version of the technique.

This is accomplished by understanding that scar tissue and collapsed fascia, both which block blood and energy flow, seal the tissue out of alignment with a force up to 2000lbs/square inch. This is an incredible force that gets its strength from its magnetic properties. Magnets, a far enough distance apart, have no effect on one another, but put them close enough and they seal with a vengeance. Fluid Isometrics creates the space, and instruction and application of proper diaphragmatic breathing inflates the space. As oxygen is breathed into those newly created spaces gravity releases its hold on the tissue, creating a lightness and flow of energy to and from the area. This is healthy tissue, one that functions youthfully as cells are fed and clean.

The third component of Fluid Isometrics is to own that space that has been created with proper postural habits. It isn’t about doing a Yoga class once a week, it is understanding that the way we use our body, all the time is what creates the signature posture that causes our suffering.

So, with Fluid Isometrics you are shown how to create the space, inflate the space and maintain the space. And once you have learned how to do it, it is at your fingertips for life.

Fluid Isometrics is for everyone, because everyone is affected by gravity. This constant force that pulls us toward the earth has a counterpart, the full conscious exhalation. We have a choice in how we allow the body to respond to time and can be a population that is thriving, by understanding the mechanics necessary to maintain optimal blood and energy flow to all cells in the body, lifelong. Fluid Isometrics is simply applied and is safe and effective.

To your health, healing and rejuvenation,

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen

Consider giving the gift of health, healing and rejuvenation to the youth you love.
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