Deanna Hansen To Speak At Spirit Seekers 2015

Deanna Hansen, founder of Fluid Isometrics will be presenting at Spirit Seekers 2015 on Saturday, March 21 at 1:15 pm at The Fort Garry Hotel. This is a unique opportunity to hear Deanna present from the viewpoint of “space”. Fluid Isometrics puts the space back into the tissue that time takes away. Deanna will explain how it is in the space that we connect to our higher self, and how through the daily practice/meditation of Block Therapy, we can “hear” what our cells are saying and have a greater impact on the world.

Spirit Seekers 2015 is focused on nourishing your mind, body and soul with a power-packed weekend filled with workshops, lectures and experiences. This is a great opportunity to  attend workshops and learn from expert authors and teachers.

Spirit Seekers 2015, March 20-22

The Spirit Seekers 2015 weekend event kicks off the evening of Friday, March 20 with the ‘Ignite Your Fire! Soular Eclipse and Equinox Night An evening of invigorating and energising sounds and meditations.

Saturday and Sunday at Spirit Seekers 2015 will be packed with back-to-back presenters with a wide range of topics to help you discover who you are and your true purpose, to assist you in releasing old patterns & emotional/physical blockages, as well as to assist you in developing tools to increase happiness and joy in your life.

The Spirit Seekers 2015 weekend wraps up with a Psychic Fair Fundraiser in support of CancerCare Manitoba where you can get a specialized reading from their impressive gallery of tarot, tea, angel, or intuitive readers. The Psychic Fair Fundraiser is open to everyone, so make your way down to the beautiful The Fort Garry Hotel from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm on Sunday, March 22. It’s only a $5.00 admission fee at the door with readings available for $30.00. It’s for a very good cause!

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For details and ticket information for
Spirit Seekers 2015, click here

Spirit Seekers

For details and ticket information for
Spirit Seekers 2015, click here

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