Pain Management with Block Therapy

When I say Block Therapy is about becoming a pain seeker, some people are frightened. The understanding we have about pain is false, and it has conditioned us to avoid and fear pain. Pain is the baby crying – your cells whispering – sometimes shouting – that they need attention.

If your baby is crying, what do you do? You give it what it needs – love, food, changing – over time you learn the language of the cries and know how to respond with care. Pain is your cells talking to you. If you pay attention right away, usually it is a whisper, but if you continue to mask and ignore the signal, the only thing they can do is scream louder. Your body is intelligent.

It all comes down to temperature and flow.

When your tissue is at the right temperature, flow is optimal and cells are fed and cleaned, allowing them to consistently do their tasks to keep you alive and well. It is when the tissue temperature cools that the flow is compromised: leaving cells hungry, fatigued and dirty. This is where the problems begin.

What causes a cooling of tissue?

The internal engine is the diaphragm muscle, activated through conscious breathing. This plate of muscle moves up and down in the core with every breath, acting like a furnace. Keeping the whole system at the right temperature, each cell is reached from head to toe and the system functions with ease. Unfortunately few, if any, use their diaphragm muscle to its full potential resulting in a cooling of the system from the use of the secondary muscles required to kick in for respiration. The cooling results in a slowing of the flow.

We notice this as we age – it takes longer to get moving. That is because the accumulation of gravity over time has created a compression and blockage of not only the diaphragm muscle, but also all the cells. We still expect the body to work as it did in past, so we go about our day, ignoring the fact that the pain triggers have been released, and accumulating damage to the tissue. We mask with drugs or postural avoidance until the pain becomes so great that we are left flat on our back without really understanding why. Fortunately, no matter the state you find yourself in, you can change the situation through the heating of the fascia.

This is what Block Therapy does – the combination of lying on the Block Buddy for a minimum of 3 minutes, combined with instruction of proper diaphragmatic breathing to turn on the internal furnace, creates a heating effect that melts through adhesions in fascia – all the way to the bone. The last, and equally important part of this process is to strengthen proper postural alignment through integration of habit-forming movements to support your cells. This stops the pain from recurring and gives you the tools to take your health into your own hands.

The Block Therapy system works, is simple to do and requires no skill. You are taught to seek out your pain and take control of your body. This is very empowering and changes your perspective on external stress, fear and how to care for your body. Empower yourself to listen to what your cells are saying and take control of your body and your life. Our community is filled with people who know the truth and will be happy to share their insights and wisdom to assist you on your path.

Join Block Therapy members to start the conversation and see if this is for you!

Breathe & Believe

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