Strong, Healthy Hair with Block Therapy

When I was young, I had very blonde, angel soft, fine hair. I never grew it really long as it looked too limp and straggly. By the time I was in my twenties, the color was changing; it was becoming mousy and dull. I tried to highlight it but I learned very quickly that chemicals aren’t my friend. After all of the highlighted hair literally broke off, I knew I was destined to live with what I had and accept my hair to be what is naturally.

At the age of 30, I began to develop a bodywork practice targeting the fascia, called Fluid Isometrics. I quickly realized what this work was actually doing – taking time out of tissue. I noticed on my own body that I was opening up space in tissue that had been previously blocked from blood and oxygen flow. This was causing changes to every part of me. I was getting healthier, gaining back range of motion, improving in posture, size and shape, and over-all, my tissue was becoming more youthful.

To my surprise, even my hair was changing – it was becoming thicker and the color and shine I remembered as a child were there once again. I had always longed to have full thick hair that I could wear long and flowing. 18 years into this practice and having developed Block Therapy; the self-care version of Fluid Isometrics to create ease for those who practice, I love my hair and am enjoying a fullness, length and flow I never knew in my younger years. Even better, others are experiencing the same benefits, commenting that their hair is fuller and the color is coming back.

No matter what your driver is, the long-term health and beauty benefits from this practice are well worth the time and small investment – and once you have it, the benefits continue with use. So, join now to start turning back the hands of time and enjoy a life of ease, health and happiness.

Breathe & Believe

If you want an assessment from Deanna, 5 hours of guided Block Therapy, and 21 days of a targeted Upper Body Block Therapy program, join our amazing 21 Day Natural Facelift Special that focuses on healthy skin, hair and posture.


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