Heal your Sun Burn Quickly with Block Therapy

As a fair skinned kid, I had my share of sunburns…. and bad ones. It didn’t take much for me to turn lobster red and peel, returning to pasty white. All I wanted was to become golden brown and have that healthy sun kissed glow. I am extremely thrilled to share that after years of doing Block Therapy – I’m there.

The first thing to understand is that a sunburn is simply an injury to your skin. As with any injury, Block Therapy helps to improve blood and oxygen flow to heal the damaged area, and a sunburn is no different.

Over the years I have learned that tissue temperature in the average person is too cold. This is why we are aging the way we do. The lack of oxygen and blood flow to the cells created from incorrect posture and unconscious breathing has left our body cold, heavy and dense. This results in pain, aging and disease. When referring to the skin, this is why it becomes saggy over time – a lack of flow causing disintegration. When you add sun to this, the tissue burns on the surface.

Like putting a frozen piece of meat on a hot griddle – the surface will burn, instead of a nice thawed piece of meat being cooked through to the center, leaving it juicy and tender. Cold skin in the sun will respond in the same way – it will burn from the temperature gradient. The lack of cellular integration can’t absorb the heat.

When you do Block Therapy, you are uniting the deeper cells with the surface cells so they are all equally fed and cleaned with proper blood and oxygen flow. The tissue temperature also becomes more uniform from surface to core as the diaphragmatic breath combined with Block Therapy heat the tissue. The warmer skin in the sun will present less of a temperature gradient and will allow the heat to absorb to greater depths, dispersing the impact of the sun to the skin thereby changing the response – slower overall tissue heating results in a healthier color to the skin – a healthy glowing tan.

So, doing Block Therapy will help to prevent sunburns as well to manage them if they happen. I can’t imagine how my skin would look today had I not begun this practice years ago. All I can say is – I am glad I did!

To learn more about the benefits of this practice, join the conversation in our private group – Block Therapy Members.

Breathe & Believe


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