How Block Therapy Melts Through Frozen Fascia

There are many different interpretations of what is going on in the fascia as it releases because there are so many beautiful, magical, complex things happening at once. Just watch the Life of a Cell by David Bolinsky to be amazed at the workings of every single one of our cells, as they are in constant motion, performing monumental tasks. It is truly mind blowing, and we take it for granted.

Incredible vascular plant fine roots looking like a neural network in the soil

In order to make sense of the melting of tissue you first need to understand that our tissue is frozen. We, as a population, have been using the physical body incorrectly and it has resulted in a state where the tissue has had to shift in order to accommodate the continual change in the center of gravity, in order to keep us upright. This collapse comes from gravity continually compressing us, resulting in a layering of fascia in the attempt to prevent the body from continuing on its journey, out of alignment. The problem is, as fascia thickens, it creates a blockage for blood and energy flow. When that blockage has built up as much mass as it can, the body makes a turn, beginning its descent downward in another direction, until another blockage is created from the layering of fascia. It is gravity that drags the tissue toward the earth, relentlessly.

Of course, there must be a counter-force to this, for every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The full conscious exhalation is that counter-force. When we use our machine as it was intended to be driven, we move through time, meaning age in years, without the tissue accumulating the effects of gravity, as it would be balanced with a force that lifts.

It does this because the diaphragm moves upward in the core with exhalation, intending on removing the past moment with every breath. The problem is that we are sealed now, in this forward, collapsed body, and that seal is magnetic. The force that seals it together can be up to 2000lbs/square inch. I don’t know how they test to determine this force, but I certainly believe it. Working with my own restrictions and on people for many years, I have no doubt the power of that seal.

This overall tissue collapse, over time has blocked the diaphragm muscle to be able to move upward. The inability for it to fully contract with every breath causes us to continually fall into our inner space, bulging us outwards. As it is the diaphragm that controls our internal temperature, when it can’t move how it needs to, the result is a colder environment. When we are cooler, our flow is slower, meaning blood isn’t moving as rapidly through the tissue. All cellular actions accommodate this by slowing down their functions and interactions, until any space and life is literally squeezed from them. Poor little guys!

Don’t you feel for them, the burden we put on these incredible bundles of life. They need love and kindness, heat and energy, put back into the their environment in order to wake up and come out of hibernation.

This is where Block therapy comes in.

Think about magnets. When they seal, you can’t pull them apart in direct opposition of each other, because all of those magnetic bonds are strongly in place. To release the seal, you would begin to twist, screwing them in equal and opposite directions. Once there is enough space between the magnets, they are no longer attracted together. This is what tissue needs. Space needs to be put back into the dense, frozen tissue, in order to release that powerful magnetic seal.

As the tissue is frozen, we need to heat it.

Lying on the Block Buddy for a period on time creates heat. Combine that with consciously exercising the full exhalation, now you have turned on the furnace. Working with the Block Buddy heats not only the tissue where it is directly positioned, the breathing practice benefits the tissue temperature for the whole body.

As tissue releases and opens to improved blood and energy flow, systems and functions improve. As the diaphragm continues to strengthen, the space that had been compromised begins to inflate. This gives more room for the diaphragm to continue to strengthen, heating the body’s tissue with every breath. With continued practice comes continued added space. Remember the life of the living cell? Imagine how much space exists in just one of those little guys. It is the space that allows for optimal flow, which is required for optimal tissue temperature.

It is really simple when you understand what has happened to your body and what you can do to move the body back to it’s proper use and function. When this is understood, there is a solution for all the things you have to deal with. Pain, aging of tissue and disease are created from tissue that is starving. Gravity bullies starving tissue, as it is weak. To strengthen it, we need to feed it to make it strong.

Breathe & Believe

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