How Block Therapy Aids in Digestion

In order to digest properly, the stomach organ needs to be healthy. For the stomach organ to be healthy for proper digestion, it needs to receive the optimal amount of blood and oxygen flow to support its function. Unfortunately, the majority of people haven’t paid attention to posture and correct breathing causing a collapse of the rib cage into the core. The result is the stomach is being compressed, limiting blood and oxygen flow. Another negative consequence of this collapse is that it inhibits proper diaphragmatic breathing, affecting oxygenation to cells.

The stomach organ is located in the left side of the abdominal cavity, right below the diaphragm muscle. When we breathe properly, the stomach receives a continual massage from the mechanical movement created from inhaling and exhaling. This brings heat and blood flow to the area to support the digestive process.

When your diaphragm is weak and compressed, you breathe from the muscles of the upper chest. This causes a cooling of tissue from the lack of mechanical movement that would have otherwise been a constant with the conscious breath. In essence, we freeze in the area and flow to and from cells is sluggish. The connective tissue, or fascia, glues to itself and bone, with an incredible force, making it almost impossible to regain that space that was lost over years of collapse.

Block Therapy is a solution to this problem. Working with the Block Buddy and the breath as instructed provides a release and heating of that glued, frozen tissue. This results in decompression of the stomach organ, which creates more space for blood and oxygen to supply the cells with the required nutrients to fulfill its needs to function optimally.

We can get very caught up in the complexity of the body and how it works, but we can also look at it from the basic, simple perspective that as long as cells are fed and clean, they are healthy and able to do their job. For that to happen, there needs to be enough space in the tissue to allow blood and oxygen to reach their destination. Block Therapy will teach you how to release and melt those restrictions in the tissue that block flow, and how to decompress the organs so they can function with ease.

To learn more from those who do this practice, join our private Facebook group – Block Therapy Members. It is a wonderful resource where you can share, ask questions and receive guidance from those who know the benefits of this practice.

Breathe & Believe

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