Knee Health – What you Need to Know

The knee joints are the levers of the lower body. They provide for you the ability to move fast and be agile. But they need to be positioned and aligned correctly in order to keep you on our toes…so to speak.

One of the main challenges with posture today is everyone hyper-extends their knees when they stand. Rather keeping the knees slightly bent, as they should be, the majority pays no attention and locks their knees, shifting the mechanics inside the joint itself.

Having control of your lower body keeps the knee joints lubricated and spacious, allowing blood and oxygen to flow freely, feeding and healing the cells. If proper alignment is maintained lifelong, there should be no wear and tear, pain or degeneration in the joints.

When alignment isn’t observed and the knees are hyper-extended, a twisting occurs affecting everything above and below the chain. Instead of space in the joints, you have cartilage wearing, creating inflammation and degeneration over time. To add insult to injury, the fascia in the lower legs and around the knees splint the joints to create stability, sealing with a force up to 2000 pounds per square inch. This holds the entire body in a negative position.

Fascia is here to protect you.

Fascia migrates away from its proper position because you aren’t conscious of proper alignment. It is creating stability so you won’t tip over. However, if you are conscious of your mechanics and how to use your body correctly, joint health and freedom of movement become your reality.

Join me for a free 3-part series on Facebook Live – All Things Knees on March 19 – 21 at 11:30am Central Time. These 30-minute sessions will create a release in the knees and surrounding area, combined with strengthening proper lower body alignment. The body has an amazing ability at healing – even cartilage, if blood and oxygen flow can reach the cells. Be sure to Like and Follow our Facebook Page to get notified when we go Live. Once the Live event is over, we’ll will have the series added to our Membership site.

Making simple changes to your posture affects everything in your body. How you move today is what determines how you feel tomorrow. If you create space that has been lost over time, inflate the space with oxygen through proper breathing and maintain that space with postural awareness – your cells with start to migrate back to their rightful position and health and agility will resume.

Breathe & Believe


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