MY BLOCK STORY: Anxiety/Size Loss/Pain Management

Community Block Talk – Anxiety, Size Loss and Pain Management

This week, and in the coming weeks, blogs with this title will be focusing on the successes of our Block Therapy community members. I am so passionate about sharing how Block Therapy works, fascia and all the related subjects, but I know that I would not be here today without the people who believed in me. These people are people just like you, seeking answers for their pain, aging and health issues. I will be using this platform to give them a voice.

I find it a shame that we tend to be so hard on ourselves in so many ways. The Block teaches you to be kind, gentle and persuasive with your body. Love yourself, love your cells, love your new lifestyle.

My experience with Block Therapy started January 2016. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am today that I went to my first class! I was going through a very difficult time. So many negative things happened in my life, and they just kept on coming, one after the other. These things were not only happening to me, but also to people very close to me. I was feeling such a huge sense of loss, frustration and deep sadness. Trying to put on the happy face whenever I was in public was making me feel so fake, which added to my depression. I was starting to have major anxiety and panic attacks. I was feeling like everything was spiraling out of control. I was always the person people came to for guidance, and now my own world seemed to be crumbling around me . . .I was a complete mess and, sadly, I couldn’t fix it.

A struggling hand under water grasps for hope.

My class time was coming up and I was preparing to bail. I debated whether I was going to go or not. How could I show up when I’d been crying all day? I decided to “put my big girl pants on” and just do it. Fake it till you make it! Who knew I was about to go through such a huge shift after only one class. That was when I knew I was hooked and I’d never go back. From feeling like an emotional train wreck only minutes before my class, I came home on cloud nine! I was so happy and excited to share my experience with my son. He couldn’t believe the difference in me either. Who knew that so much emotion could be stored in your cells? Not me! But I sure know now. In fact I know so much about my body now and how it functions, how everything is connected, experiencing the mind, breath, body connection and listening to and observing what my body is “asking me” to work on . . .WOW, what an education and gift I received!

That night I purchased my block and a DVD so I could practice between classes. I started going to classes once per week and loved them. I was so happy and grateful to have found this therapy. I had other issues going on with my body due to years of improper alignment, bad posture, scar tissue and compression. There was a lot of fascia bunched up which I slowly saw melting away. One spot in particular I had had since I was a child. It is now gone. I carried that lump around for 40 years! I was also having a lot of trouble with my right leg from my hip all the way down to my foot and a bunion was starting to form. It was difficult to walk, go up and down stairs, and sleep comfortably. I no longer could do the sports and exercise classes that I loved without extreme pain. Wearing any kind of footwear was also becoming a huge challenge with the added inflammation that was occurring in my foot. Oh no! What was I going to do if I couldn’t wear shoes anymore? I was given some guidance from Deanna and I started my program. The transformation was incredible! Slowly and steadily I was able to start healing these areas. The nice bonus was that it appeared that I was also losing inches here and there. I was used to slowly gaining inches. My clothes (and my shoes) started to fit better, my right thigh was no longer aching, my foot was starting to shrink back to its proper size, and my anxiety was lessening. The panic attacks stopped as well. I was starting to feel like a new me!

I had spoken to Deanna a couple of times over the phone, through texts, and also at one of her weekend intensives. She impressed me with her knowledge and genuine compassion. I knew I had found the key. This was it! This was the perfect therapy for me, and she was the person I wanted to support. Shortly after this, the Member Site was launched to the public. You can imagine that I was all over that. With this resource I was able to access so many videos that were created to target specific areas and topics. You even have the option to purchase some for your own private collection. What a gold mine!

A woman, hand over heart, takes a deep calming breathe.

It has been just over three years for me now. I am an avid Blocker. I block every chance I get. Usually daily, but never fewer than 4-5 times per week. I will block for 15, 30, 90, 120, even up to 180 minutes each time. I can’t get enough! I find it is a great way to exercise, meditate, and self heal, and you can see results with only 15 to 30 minutes a day and one class per week. I love that I can block almost anywhere: in bed, in the car, at my desk, on the couch, in a chair, or on the floor. You can even take it with you while travelling. I have blocked on a plane and while on holiday many times. My favourite place to block is on my deck on a warm, sunny day. I find the cost minimal too. I mean, you really only need a block and some instruction. Once you get a block it will become your most precious and valued possession. With it you can become your own health care advocate. It is your magic tool that you can use anytime, almost anywhere, for as long as you want. Goodbye pills!

I continue to be blown away by the wealth of information and education I receive from Deanna and other Block Therapy Instructors. It’s not just another exercise class; it’s a whole community of fellow blockers coming together. How does it get any better than that?!? I am ever so grateful for discovering the benefits of Block Therapy and I can’t thank Deanna enough for sharing her knowledge with the world!”
~ Heather Y.

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