Size Loss & Detox: Waste or Waist?

This is a subject we talk about on a regular basis, as many people struggle to find the solutions that they need to reach a healthy weight. I have personal experience with this issue, as for years, I struggled to lose the 50 extra pounds I was carrying, even though I did what I was taught to do. I am always excited to share a different perspective on what makes it so challenging to have the body we crave, and what you need to know to get results.

The first thing I like to share is that it isn’t about weight loss. I don’t even like to use that term, as I find it misleading. Not that the number on the scale won’t change, but what is most important is your size and shape. When we allow the force of gravity to pull the body down to the earth, it creates compression in the fascia. Just like having a towel laid out flat, or having it wrinkled on the floor, the amount of towel doesn’t change, but the size and shape do.

When we let gravity do its job, we end up like the wrinkled towel. Our surface area changes – we become shorter and wider with age. There is an optimal amount of space in the body that allows everything to flow with ease, yet when we compress, areas become blocked. Like the wrinkled towel that no longer sits flat, we become twisted and we balloon, as the body sinks into itself. This, I see, is the real issue when it comes to a healthy size and shape.

Another factor to consider when understanding compression, is the toxic environments that result in the body. For example, when the ribcage collapses into the core because of a weak diaphragm muscle, the contents in the abdomen become displaced and extend, causing the ballooning belly. The contents are the abdominal organs that all play a role in processing the body's nutrients that we ingest from eating food. When they are compressed and pushed from their original position, they can’t function with ease.

This results in systems that are sluggish. If the body can’t break down, digest and absorb nutrients, our cells aren’t receiving what they need to thrive. Also, if the liver is sluggish, the body can’t clean the blood, leaving us with unwanted materials and microorganisms in our system that can play havoc on our health. This will affect elimination as well, keeping the waste trapped inside the body, rather than removing it fully. If you have accumulated waste, you can’t see your waist!

Perhaps the most important item to understand with regard to size loss is the cleaning factor of the full conscious exhalation. 84% of weight loss comes through exhaling the carbon and waste out through this continual action. Every exhalation presents an opportunity to move material out that has built up within, and this in itself becomes the most efficient mechanism to maintain a healthy size and shape.

When the diaphragm is strong and you are a conscious breather, you are using this muscle to support the ribcage and keep it lifted out of the core, which will allow the organs to maintain their rightful position. The action of this muscle will also give the organs a continual massage, keeping them heated and active. This will promote proper digestion, absorption and elimination in order to keep your systems flowing with ease. Systems that are heated and fluid allow the body to process what it needs and remove what doesn’t serve optimal health. A strong diaphragm is truly the key to maintaining a healthy size and shape.

The last thing to mention is that fascia connects every cell in the body. Regarding size loss, this is something we need to understand. If the fascia in your lower legs and feet are out of alignment -- and it is for everyone – they will torque the legs and twist the pelvis causing compression and ballooning from the base of the body. This compression will affect the positioning of the organs as well and will take away the space for the diaphragm to function optimally. It all works together, so we need to take a full body approach when dealing with our size and shape.

With Block Therapy, this is how we address the body. Through the process of releasing the adhesions, strengthening the diaphragmatic breath and maintaining proper foundations, we remove the blockages that cause the ballooning and we restore the vital functions of digestion and elimination to keep the cells fed and clean. The last component of strengthening proper foundations allows the fascia to support proper cell alignment to maintain the space within, rather than allowing the body's structure to collapse in and on itself. We take a body that has compressed and ballooned and move it back to a position of optimal alignment and flow. In essence, you become taller and more streamlined.

If one of your goals for 2021 is to love your size and shape, you will be thrilled with the results from this system. It’s always important to focus on clean and healthy eating; adding this piece into your regimen will be sure to take you to the next level with confidence and success.

Here is to a happy and healthy 2021!

Breathe & Believe

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  1. Thank you for this information. I admit I was quite skeptical of the “84% of weight loss comes through exhaling the carbon and waste out” but after I searched out a couple of research articles, it turns out to be true! This is actually a relief to me since over the years I have been fed so much misinformation around the topic of weight loss and size reduction. 🙂

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