Understanding the Healing Crisis

A healing crisis is a well-known term used to describe the detoxification process, and for many, if can feel like a crisis. I prefer to think of it as a healing opportunity, as on the other side of the storm, a cleaner and freer body results.

Healing opportunities are impossible to predict. Simply put, whenever you put positive energy into the body, you disrupt the negative energy and push it to the surface so the body can eliminate it. This can present with a change in pain as the body shifts to a new alignment, eruptions coming through the skin as debris and toxins are pushed to the surface, a fever or flu/cold like symptoms as the body deals with what is released so it can be pulled out. . . and this is just touching the surface of what can happen. 

Releases aren’t always physical either. They can be emotional releases where someone is left crying all day or feeling rage even though no triggers are present, they can be nightmares (this is one common to me as in past, I used to have them regularly), or any number of other experiences where the old trapped energy gets released and moves up and out of the body.

I know this can sound daunting and may even prevent some from wanting to cleanse the body, but for those who dare, the gifts on the other side are well worth the short-term discomfort.

I want to highlight one of our Block Therapy members who underwent a pretty “scary” opportunity that even her husband was concerned about.

Meet Cindy. It was in February of 2020 that her daughter in-law bought her the program, but she didn’t really dive in until June. She was blocking daily and felt positive changes happening with improved movement, and in August, a healing opportunity began.

Cindy first posted in our private Facebook Community Group that, after a session, her eye became swollen and red. I have to say, I simply love our community and the wisdom they share. Many had responded before I saw this post. All the comments were encouraging her to continue, and sharing how excited they were for her as they knew the result would be an improvement as she continued.

She shared again within a day or so that it was spreading over both eyes and needed that confirmation to continue. Once again, she received that positive feedback which brought her peace and comfort. Fast forward a bit of time and her husband asked her if she was sure this was okay. At this point she emailed me directly and I got on a call with her.

I remember this conversation well as she was feeling positive changes, even though the look of her skin was red and scaly. It was her husband who was a little uncertain as it wasn’t pretty, and sometimes things look worse even when under the surface, healing is happening. We talked for a while about her situation and after the call she mentioned she was very confident and happy to continue with the process.

Her eyes and face healed within a month, but next, it went into her arms, where they were red and inflamed, as well as had that scaly appearance on her hands. She mentioned when she was younger that she had eczema. At one point she even had to have her wedding ring cut off as it got so bad. Interesting though, she hadn’t had this issue for years. But here it came, and once again, I was very excited for what this meant to her overall health.

This one took a bit longer to rectify. A few months of this discomfort, redness, radiating heat and scaling skin took place, but Cindy trusted the process and prevailed. One thing to note is amidst this, she was feeling so much better in many areas, which I am sure gave her the will to proceed.

In January, she sent me some new photos of her healing transformation. This beautiful new skin had surfaced as her body sloughed away the old and toxic cells. I immediately reached out as I was so excited to talk to her, and she confirmed her delight. I asked her – “Was it worth it?” She emphatically said “Yes” and followed up with this:

“This process has not only been freeing for me it has given me a sense of hope, going forward through the aging process.  Part of my healing process was an emotional release as you well know. I have allowed my body to release old emotional pains as well as the physical pain.  I have given natural birth 3 times, so I do know pain.  But it took Block Therapy for me to not fear pain but to "listen" to it.  I know I will have more healing crises in the future as I continue to release the fascia in my body.  Having had many injuries over the years including a broken arm, frozen shoulder, Osgood Schlatter’s disease in my right knee, and a compressed fracture in my lower back (can't remember which vertebra). I feel fortunate to have found Block Therapy. Through it all I have learned so much about myself and have truly learned to love my body!” Cindy Wright

I am so thankful for those who share their healing opportunities. I have personally had many and look forward to more, but I do understand the trepidation some may have to dive in, not knowing what’s to come. But I think that’s the point -- none of us know what tomorrow brings until we get there, and I would rather be the one driving my fascia’s fate, rather than gravity and unconscious living being the determiners of how my body ages. A little discomfort can bring many years of freedom and joy!

Breathe & Believe

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