Embrace the Healing Opportunities

Healing is never a straight line. Sometimes when we are on a path of detoxification and realignment, we can feel amazing and free in our body, other times, we can feel out of sorts, have symptoms that feel as though we are sick, or can experience pain in different areas than before. The latter is when the real work is taking place on a cellular level, and these are the moments to be cherished for the good that they bring.


Throughout the years, I have encountered countless of these moments when my body had the energy to push the toxins and old energies out of my system. On the outside, we tend to feel exhausted. This is because the cells are working hard to move everyone from deep within, into the channels of elimination. This can be a long journey depending where in the body things were stored, and the energy used for this process will make you feel tired, so you can rest, allowing the cells to work on your behalf.

I recently encountered yet another one of these healing opportunities. As I was in the middle of the 30 Day Posture Reset I was sharing how to change daily habits one day at a time to bring symmetry and balance into the body, I had a new realization within myself. When I was lying in bed, I noticed that when my eyes were closed, they were drawn and rested to the left of center. As I lay there, I took my eyes to the furthest point to the right and held them isometrically in that alignment for about 15 minutes. Albeit extreme to do this much time all at once, it was fascinating the sensations I was experiencing.

The top of my head was tingling with the most enjoyable sensation. As much as it was challenging to hold my eyes over to the right for as long as I did, I was curious and excited as the longer I held them there, the further I was able to take them into those blocked areas of the orbit that had been forgotten. Like improving range of motion in your shoulders, I was improving range of motion for my eyeballs.

As great as that was, when I woke up the next morning, my right nostril was draining, and draining and draining. Soon enough, it felt like I had a head cold that lasted for 10 days, and the amount of mucous that left my head was incredible. Although this was unpleasant for those days, I also recognized that there was a lot of debris and toxins leaving my head and that once through, I would have a much cleaner system for all that was flushed out.

I was away from home for the last 6 days of the drain, and when I walked into my apartment, I was excited to see that my cleaning lady had washed my windows. Living in a high rise with a beautiful view, it was amazing to see everything so crisp and clear. When I reached out to ask her how much I owed her for this additional work, she said – I didn’t clean your windows. In that moment, I realized how much clearer my vision was.

These moments are times to be cherished, for it is the intelligence of your body at work. Also, like if you spill coffee on the counter, when you clean it, you don’t only clean the coffee, but also whatever other dirt and debris was also there. The healing opportunities are a reset for the whole body to clear the old, past stuck debris and energy, to make room for the moment to be enjoyed.

As a result of this experience, the next free series I am offering to my community are Guided Eye Exercises. I love to share what has worked for me, so you all can continue to move forward on your healing journey with many tools available to you.

Breathe & Believe,


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