You Are Not Moving Backward, You Are Healing

There are no straight lines in nature. Nature's design is built upon the Fibonacci sequence, the spiral pattern. Energy moves as a wave if unobstructed, and then when it encounters a barrier, spirals, eventually turning into chaos. This can be seen in the flow of the rivers, the way smoke leaves a pipe, the contrails created from airplanes . . . it’s everywhere.

This is also true of how the body heals. The body is formed based on the architecture of everything in nature, and how the body ages. As we go through time, the body compresses under the influence of gravity. Compression is not linear, we spiral down toward the earth in a forward rotational direction. Along the way, adhesions that are created from incorrect posture and unconscious breathing, as well as scar tissue from injury or surgery, block the flow of energy and fluids, creating congestion and chaos in the fascia. Trapped waste, toxins, debris and negative emotional frequencies become trapped in the layers, causing pain, aging and dis-ease.

This is what most people experience as time goes on, however, for those who step in and take their health and healing into their own hands, disrupting the timeline of normal aging, healing occurs, but also not in a straight line.

What typically happens - and there are exceptions to every rule - when you start to engage with your fascia and turn on your innate healing potential, is that in the beginning, you feel the benefits of the process. Speaking about fascia decompression specifically, this can be felt as an improvement of the breath, more energy in the body, a calmer nervous system, reduction in pain, better sleep . . . however, there comes a moment when you have finally melted enough of the adhesions and the body has enough energy to push the old, toxic debris to the surface for the body to release it. As it is now on the forefront of awareness, you can experience any number of possible results.

Some examples of physical releases are skin rashes, mucous production as in a runny nose, watery eyes, diarrhea, a change in the location of pain, fever/chills and sweating. You may also have emotional releases such as feelings of overwhelm, sadness or anger that is unwarranted, anxiety, even memories coming to the surface, or nightmares. This can all sound scary however these are temporary as the body is moving out the past to create space for healing and health. 

It takes energy to move the toxins and waste through the layers so at this time, your body is also working hard on your behalf, and feelings of exhaustion may present themselves. We heal when we sleep so this is the time when it is best to honour your body and give it the rest, care, nutrients and hydration it requires for the most efficient outcome.

I have worked with countless people over the years with their journey and have personally experienced many healing crises. People often ask how long they will be and how can you know when it’s going to happen. These questions are impossible to answer as there are many variables that will dictate this. I have had experiences with pain that lasted for 7 years. This lasted so long because I had a serious injury when I was 7 years old and grew with a ton of scar tissue. When things happen when we are young, we grow around the scar tissue. I know that I have rebuilt the fascia in and around my pelvis as now, I am so much more balanced. Although it took years to rebuild, had I not had the experience I likely would have had major issues with my hips. Also, there were other benefits that surfaced as I worked through this, immediately getting rid of my issues with constipation being one of them.

Understanding what is happening takes the fear out of the equation. There is a pain/fear cycle that we get trapped in if we don’t know how to move forward. Pain is simply the cells letting you know they need attention -- if that is not understood and there isn’t a path forward, the fear can paralyze you and keep you trapped, each propelling the other. This is where community is key. Having others to share and learn from creates a safe haven so the fear can be removed, and then pain is simply your cells sharing that they need some love and attention.

It isn’t fun to go through healing crises, but the reality is that we will all, to some degree, experiencing pain and issues in our life. To choose a path that puts healing in your own hands gives you direct action to take when these things happen. Healing crises are a blessing as this means your body is becoming healthier. 

It’s important to know that you are not alone. If you are going through a healing crisis and need support, reach out to our community, or connect to our team at

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