21 Day Head, Neck & Face Program


21 Day Head, Neck & Face Program


Starts April 7, 2022

Are you ready for a new guided 21 day program?

We are so excited to go through the improved head, neck and face program together as a community!

This will include:

  • Daily guided sequence to bring you through all areas in the head, neck and face.
  • Both a beginner and advanced version (the advanced requires both the Block Buddy and Block Baby).
  • Alignment Training
  • 4 Interactive Weekly Zoom calls with Deanna and Quinn to address any questions or concerns. We will also cement the theme for the week so you can integrate the energy behind the work into your daily life.
  • Private Group access to Deanna for those enrolled in the program
  • Whether you are a seasoned Blocker or new to Block Therapy, you are welcome to join!

After completing this program you will:

  1. Gain the knowledge of how to support proper cellular integration by releasing the adhesions of fascia that have locked your head, neck and face out of alignment to improve blood and oxygen flow to cells. This slows down the rate at which your cells age and addresses wrinkles, age spots, hanging skin and aging as we know it. 
  2. Understand  how to effectively implement the mechanism of the full conscious exhalation to counter the forces of gravity to feed your cells proper oxygen and keep your skin plump and filled with life.
  3. Strengthen proper foundations in your body to support this new optimal alignment you are creating for your head and neck which is of significant importance to address sleeping issues, headaches and migraines. 
  4. Have the tools and understanding to release time from your tissue and feed your cells with health and vitality

How this program will address a headaches, neck pain, sleep and provide you with a natural facelift. 


Beauty comes from the inside out. When looking to bring that youthful glow back to your face, it’s not about what you put on the surface, it’s about the flow that runs through the fascia to feed your cells. As the fascia is the communication system between cells, ensuring that the tissue is fluid and spacious is key to maintaining and even reversing the ravages of time.

Adhesions in fascia develop as gravity, combined with incorrect posture and unconscious breathing pull the body from balance. This is the body’s way of creating stability. This is also what creates wrinkles, age spots and sagging of the tissue. Fortunately, this can be undone through releasing adhesions and strengthening postural foundations. 

As you free the fascial patterns created with time by releasing them, the accumulated debris is replaced with oxygen that plumps the cells and gives them that youthful glow. Combined with strengthening the tongue and jaw, you support cells in proper alignment to tone and sculpt. In just 3 weeks, you will be amazed at your reflection in the mirror -- a younger and healthier you, from the inside out!


Pain in the head and neck can come from injury, as well as the effects of negative posture over time. How many times have you been locked in front of the computer only to realize the tension around your eyes, or the strain in the upper back and neck? Or have you been in an accident or had a concussion that has left lasting issues?

No matter the reason that pain exists, it is the lack of blood and oxygen flow that keep the pain present. Cells not properly fed and cleaned express sensation; they are communicating with you that they need attention. Scar tissue from injury/surgery and adhesions from incorrect posture act like barricades in your fascia, blocking nutrients and creating tension.

In this program, we address the cause of pain and release the blocks that create congestion to the system. This allows the cells to absorb the nutrients they have been lacking, and repair takes place in the process. True healing can only happen when the fascia is addressed and flow resumes.

- Lydia P

Blocking is the only non-pharmaceutical solution I’ve ever found to easing headaches.


There is nothing like a good night’s sleep to excite you for the day ahead. Upon waking, you feel refreshed and ready to conquer. Sleep is when the body heals and regenerates. It can give a different perspective on life’s struggles and help your brain to function at a higher level.

However, if you become sleep deprived, your immune system suffers and the rate of aging increases. I’m sure you have all experienced feelings of exhaustion at one time or another. For some, this is a chronic issue and can zap the joy and quality of life.

The great news is there is a solution. The key is to ensure the brain receives optimal amounts of blood flow as oxygen is required to allow the brain to rest deeply.

This is done through a combination of working on the foundation, the ribcage, which is paramount in strengthening the diaphragm to increase oxygenation in the blood, as well as releasing the alignment of the shoulders to open the channels for flow through the neck and into the head. Then focusing on the face and scalp brings a deep release and sense of calm to your brain as tensions that were cutting off flow release and settle, so to quiet and soothe the mind.

3 Prizes to be won!

As we know the amazing transformation this program will create, if you would like to participate you can submit before and after photos of your face, from your shoulders to the top of your head. 

  • 1st Place: 3 free Virtual Intensives of your choice
  • 2nd Place: 2 free Virtual Intensives of your choice
  • 3rd Place: 1 free Virtual Intensive of your choice

Register for the 21 Day Head, Neck & Face program below!

Start Date: April 7, 2022

Access to membership is required.


*Note: All participants have not changed their diet or exercise regime.*

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