30 Day Lower Body Challenge


Lower Body Challenge


The 3-Day Lower Body Challenge is designed to restore proper foundational support, address some of the most overlooked areas that contribute to pain and discomfort in the body.

This 30-Day Comprehensive Program Includes: 

  • Daily targeted lower body instructional videos (as a reminder, only the Block Buddy is required). 
  • LIVE Q&A sessions with Deanna Hansen. These sessions are tailored to answer your questions, keep you motivated, and ensure you stay on track to achieve your goals.
  • Participants can enter the Wellness Transformation Contest to win some cool prizes (more details below).

Address the body’s major cause site

As the feet are furthest from your body’s furnace, the diaphragm, this is where the fascia will freeze with the most impact, holding the body in negative alignment. No matter your issue, pain or condition, if the foundation is not addressed, you will never get to the root cause of your suffering, whether physical, emotional or mental.

Re-patterning your fascia will not only address physical pains, but also the quality and health of your cells. This impacts not only how your body functions and feels, but also its overall appearance as it will detoxify areas of congestion and support nourishing cells with their most vital nutrient – Oxygen.

Restore Proper Foundation

Your feet are the drivers of how you move in life. Every step you take impacts your overall alignment. There is always 1 foot that acts like a flat tire, pulling the body away from balance. The other foot is forced to anchor, to stop the body from tipping over. This creates tension and chaos in both the foundation, as well as up the chain.

To be able to release the adhesions between the toes as well as through the 26 bones in each foot, will allow for you to re-establish the support inherent in their design. Like pumping up the tires on your car, healthy feet allow you to drive through life with a spring in your step and ease to your gait.

Support Proper Cell Alignment up the chain

It’s amazing to see the changes that can take place throughout the entire body when changing the foundation. Releasing the anchors that are holding you down brings a lift and ease to your cell structure and every step forward takes you closer to the place of effortless effort.

Effortless effort is the goal. You want to use the least amount of energy necessary for basic movements and functions, so you can reserve this vital force within for creation and innovation in your own life. Once you let go of the anchors from the past (adhesions), grace and ease will fill your life.

After completing this program you may experience benefits such as

  • Reduction/elimination of joint and low back pain
  • Reduction/elimination of joint and low back pain
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Improved sleep
  • Better balance/stabilization of joints
  • Increased energy
  • Improved circulation to legs and feet
  • Improved bowel movements

How to Participate

Current Block Therapy Members — If you are a current Block Therapy Member, you automatically have access to the 30-Day Lower Body Program.

Not a Block Therapy Member? — Membership is required to gain access to the 30-Day Lower Body Challenge.

Wellness Transformation Contest

There are 3 Prizes to be Won:

Prize #1: One Year Access to the Block Therapy Membership PLUS a Block Buddy and Block Baby with Your Name Engraved

Prize #2: 3-Month Access to the Block Therapy Membership PLUS a Block Buddy and a Block Baby with Your Name Engraved

Prize #3: 3-Month Access to the Block Therapy Membership

What You Need to Participate

To participate in the 30-Day Lower Body Challenge, you will need a Block Buddy and a current Block Therapy Membership.

Block Therapy Membership

30-Day Lower Body Challenge Starts Monday, July 29th


*Note: All participants have not changed their diet or exercise regime.*

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