Engaging Your Baby’s Diaphragmatic Breath

We live in a rapidly changing world. This brings innovation and opportunity, but also consequences to the choices we make in the name of growth. The biggest health challenge I see is the posture of the younger generations, including the young parents of today. 

The slumped posture is creating a challenge for growing healthy babies. To develop properly, space is required in the mother’s abdomen. Unfortunately, this is compromised. Not to mention, this world is filled with stress to a level never seen before, and the developing baby adopts the breathing pattern of the mother. What this means is that once your baby comes into the world, their diaphragmatic breath isn’t as strong and connected as it needs to be to ensure health.

The great news is that this is easy to correct. The body wants to work as it is designed and all that we need to do to engage their proper diaphragmatic breath is based in the same science as Block Therapy.

Breathe & Believe

“Charlie, David and I had the amazing opportunity in helping make videos to teach parents how to get their babies to breathe diaphragmatically. This is something Deanna was seeing as a major issue – babies breathing from the upper chest.

It was such a simple process . . .

Since learning these I have been using these techniques daily with Charlie (1 year old), and David (2 Years old).

Neither have slept through the night (and not for a lack of trying many different things) until we started this practice – now Momma is getting sleep!”

~ Jackie Girard

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