About Fluid Isometrics

Fluid Isometrics is a body work practice that utilizes either the practitioner’s hands or our therapeutic tool, the Block Buddy, to bring heat into an area and melt frozen fascia, releasing it from the area and thereby promoting increased blood and oxygen flow—both critical to health and healing. Over time, our fascia compresses layer over layer. If we allow this compression to develop, eventually fat builds up, disease settles in, and aches and pains become chronic. Block Therapy is a way to personally harness the power of Fluid Isometrics.

Three Fundamental Components of the Fluid Isometrics System:

  • The tool (Block Buddy™/practitioner’s hands)
  • Diaphragmatic breath
  • Proper anatomical posture

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Block Therapy Blood Cells

When a body is balanced and symmetrical, the space between its cells and their containers is supported. Essentially, the walls and floors within tissue dictate the health and wellbeing of cells.


Block Therapy Conscious Posture

Conscious posture is necessary to support the cell walls and floors. Conscious diaphragmatic breathing is crucial to feed the body its most vital nutrient – oxygen. People simply aren’t conscious.

When we breathe with the diaphragm, we feed the body 600% more oxygen than it gets when we unconsciously use the muscles in the upper chest. This lack of oxygen starves our cells, causing them to shut down and adding stress on remaining cells to fill in for them.

In a balanced body, blood would freely enter tissue, drop off cellular requirements, and pick up debris for removal on the way out. Cells would have a regular supply of food and be consistently clean creating a healthy environment.


Block Therapy Body Design

Of course we must attend to its external needs. To experience true peace and freedom, we need to focus on our internal requirements. But it isn’t just a matter of standing straight and breathing with the belly. These false walls and floors we create are magnetically sealed with an incredible force that isn’t about to give way to superficial changes of habit. We can only overcome it by putting the space back into our tissue.

We can then proceed to inflate that space with oxygen through diaphragmatic breathing and maintain it with proper posture.

Viewed from this perspective, pain, disease and age take on a new meaning.