Tami Le Poidevin

Block Therapy University Success Story

"The investment that you make into Block Therapy University doesn’t just allow you to have work that you love and enjoy, but it allows you to work on yourself. Even if you don’t use it to help other people down the road, it is an investment in yourself and an investment in your future, and I would say that Block Therapy University is well worth that investment for your future."

~ Tami Le Poidevin

Block Therapy Instructor & Bodyworker

"My name is Tami Le Poidevin and I am in British Columbia, Canada. I joined Block Therapy University because I was looking for a new way to improve my skills as a massage practitioner, as well as to teach people how to help themselves feel better. I am trained in Raynor Massage, Touch For Health, Brain Formatting, Touch For Help Metaphors and a variety of modalities working with people and their health.

My primary reason for joining BTU was really a frustration in my practice of not being able to help others as much as I would like with their chronic pain issues, and not really understanding how to get at the root cause of their chronic pain. As well as a business owner I was always looking for ways to expand my business, to be more productive with my time, and to increase my income and longevity in the work that I love to do.

I had a lot of issues before with really getting deep with people to a level that would last for them. Now, after I have trained with Block Therapy University, I really see how empowering it is for others to be able to help themselves, really at a minimal cost. And be able to help my clients get to a deeper level of release, as well as understand how to maintain that release after our sessions. I used to go to the chiropractor every 2-4 weeks - I went once last year.

Before considering joining Block Therapy University, I wanted to make sure that it was science based and didn’t involve any spiritual practice because spirituality is such a personal decision for people. Really seeing how Deanna kept it to a science-based practice meant that it would be comfortable for me to share with everyone, and for everyone to participate in. I have really loved being able to share Block Therapy with a wide variety of people.

Since finishing my Block Therapy certification, my business has grown to a point where I am able to be selective about who I accept as clients. Which means I am really able to work with clients who are ready to invest time and perhaps a little bit of money into their body’s healing. Many of my clients find their sessions with me so helpful that they book out their spots for an entire year so that they get the spot that they want with me. They also have added Block Therapy into their lives, so they are able to have their sessions and go to a deeper level while they are working on different issues or continuing to work on the same issues at home.

For me personally, I’m really happy to see my clients feeling better, creating change in their body. Again, when they use Block Therapy at home as well as with our sessions, we really see a speeding up in how quickly their bodies can change. Their pain levels go down, they sleep better, they’re moving better. That for me is huge. Also, as they are telling others how much better they are feeling through Block Therapy or through seeing me, I am seeing my referral partner commissions growing. I’m really starting to see that as a secondary income source for my business. As well as my skills have grown, my prices have been able to increase significantly, and my income has really almost doubled since I added Block Therapy and Fluid Isometrics into my practice.

The biggest joy I’ve had from sharing Block Therapy with others is really seeing people’s faces light up when they talk about where they were and where they are now and how excited they are to see what other changes they can create in their body. It is such a joy to do work that helps people, and to be able to make that work more effective means that I am able to help people more which brings me greater joy. I love going to work every morning. I love working with my clients. I love my clients. It’s just really a joy for me to do what I do.

Since adding Block Therapy into my current practice of massage, what I have seen as a result is that I am filled up. Every appointment space that I have available each week I am able to fill completely. So I work the desired amount of hours that I want to work. Prior to adding Block Therapy into my practice I was earning about half of what I am earning right now, so whereas before I would pretty much try and take any client that wanted to come. Now I am able to be really selective and pick the clients who I choose to work with, who I think I will be able to help the most long-term, and still have a full schedule and earn a really great income doing that.

Block Therapy has made such a difference in my professional life because I really feel like I am well educated in fascia and in body posture and how the body works. Now I am able to educate my clients in a way that I was not able to educate them before. As well as to give them the tools that they need so they can continue learning, not just mentally learning but learning about their own body. In my personal life, Block Therapy has really helped because I am able to work on myself now. And so, being able to take a pain that I have, figure out where the cause site is and to work on that means that I am fully present in my day-to-day life. I am able to enjoy my personal life more and also able to share with my family what I have learned about the body and to help them live better and more enjoyable lives.

The most important thing that I learned in Block Therapy University is understanding fascia adhesions. As well as proper posture, and cause sites and pain sites. Having those things together really helps me to be more effective with my clients, but also to be able to speak from a place of knowledge and understanding of what is going on. Also, having Deanna give demonstrations and classes for those of us who work on clients is extremely helpful because I always pick up something new, or a new way of doing something that is easier on my body. I am always eager for any and all direction so that I can be the best that I can be at fascia release, as well to keep doing the work that I love for years to come.

Block Therapy University has given me the freedom to work with people that want to feel better, and not just work with whoever comes my way. And also the ability to help myself so that I can have an enjoyable life while helping other people.

If you are trying to decide if Block Therapy University is for you or not, I encourage you to think about how much have you spent taking care of your body or putting bandaids on issues in your body over the course of the past 10 or 20 years? The investment that you make into Block Therapy University doesn’t just allow you to have work that you love and enjoy, but it allows you to work on yourself. Even if you don’t use it to help other people down the road, it is an investment in yourself and an investment in your future, and I would say that Block Therapy University is well worth that investment for your future."

~ Tami Le Poidevin

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This Instructor Training Course prepares you to teach Block Therapy to your community in a class setting, or on a one-to-one basis. This can be both in person and virtually. Whether you are a fitness professional, a bodyworker or are looking for a new career, this program is designed specifically for you. There is no pre-requisite required to undergo the training, just a love of helping others improve their health and a desire to share this simple, safe and effective system that is gaining global credibility.

Bodyworker Training Course

The Bodyworker Training Course requires you to have a license to touch and is geared for the bodyworker already working with clients. Learning how to use the Blocks and your hands with the original Fluid Isometrics technique, you will bring a unique and highly effective fascia release technique in your practice. This brings incredible results to your clients, as well, teaches you how to use your body to support your own health and alignment. Take your clients to a whole new level of health and see your business transform!

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