Ultimate Fascia Decompression Starter Kit

Ultimate Fascia Decompression Starter Kit

Your Starter Kit Includes: 

  • 5 Steps to Control Your Pain pdf complete with exercises that you can implement today 
  • The most important Block Therapy position 
  • 3 postural exercises you can apply immediately to see results (no equipment required)
  • Our most recommended blogs to expand your knowledge of fascia decompression and how it relates to your health and healing
  • Direct access into our Block Therapy Facebook Community group

Pain plays hide and seek, when you seek to find it, you meet it head on, learn its value, then release it.

“When you remove the fear of pain, that’s when the magic happens”
~ Deanna Hansen

Block Therapy Belly Position

In every Block Therapy class, we always start with the Belly position. The focus here is to connect to the diaphragmatic breath through inhaling consciously into the Block Buddy™.  We need to re-train the diaphragm as we have “forgotten” how to breathe with this muscle.

As long as you are breathing you are feeding and healing the tissue. If you cannot lie in this position and breathe fluidly then try lying with the block on a mattress to give you some cushioning.

We always need to stay for a minimum of 3 minutes to get the desired “melting” effect and to breathe more space and life back into the body.

If you only have 5 minutes/day to focus on your health, this is what I recommend as breathing diaphragmatically feeds the body 600% more oxygen than breathing through the chest muscles.

Always inhale and exhale through the nose.

3 Postural Exercises

1. Bracing Your Core

In this video we share how to brace your core while breathing diaphragmatically. This is an important step that people tend to forget when doing any form of movement or exercise. This action will help protect your core and back while performing movement. We also explain how to direct your breath with your diaphragm as your core is braced. This will help create stability in your core which will help with overall strength and stability all while gaining the benefits of breathing through your diaphragm. 

2. Rooting & Pelvic Alignment

In this video we share the concept of rooting and how to align the pelvis and the lower body. This is important for how we sit, stand and perform movement/exercise. Understanding these key factors will make a great change in your full body alignment to prevent pain the body and other postural and health issues. 

3. Tongue Alignment Strengthening

In this video, we share our upper body foundation - the tongue! This helps to strengthen proper head and neck alignment, supports the arteries feeding your brain and all structures in the head, helps to prevent and reverse a "double chin", as well as to create a cleaner, more angular jaw. 

Top 5 Educational Blogs

Join Our Block Therapy Community Group

Join our Block Therapy Community Group to be part of the conversation. This is an excellent resource if you want to ask questions, receive guidance or share your personal experience.

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