90 Day Transformation – Connie Kehler

From April 1 until June 24 many in our community participated in the 90 Day Challenge - Advanced Version, the most engaging and complete full body program we have yet created.

The results from the challenge are very exciting! Connie Kehler is our first-place winner, and she definitely made some impressive changes overall.

To begin, she shared that she had these issues that she wanted addressed:

  • Sore left hip
  • Dowagers Hump
  • Bilateral Golfer’s Elbow
  • Inner Thigh Bulges
  • Flat Feet/Pronation

From a fascia perspective, the area that was most affecting her overall issues is the way she had locked her knees in hyperextension, and how the fascia had wound around the shins and frozen in that alignment. This was holding her ankles in pronation, strongly pulling her body forward and down. 

Connie wasn’t presenting with a major shift to one side, she had collapsed quite symmetrically on both sides. This caused everything in her body to compress forward which created the dowagers hump, the bloating, the incorrect alignment of the arms resulting in elbow pain, and forward tilted pelvis which caused excessive wear and tear on her hip joints.

When asked how these issues affected her life, she shared:

“I haven’t golfed in 3 years (was in ladies league), and at times I could barely lift a plate, even after an entire year of physio to treat the elbows. It was also too painful to paddle board or lift myself up on our floaty island at the lake. 

The hip affected my strength and balance on that leg. Putting on socks or pants was challenging at times.”

"First, let me say that I’ve been an inconsistent blocker for about 1.5 years prior to the 90-day challenge. I had a real mind block (no pun intended) when it came to blocking. When I blocked, it felt so good, but I couldn’t make it a routine, or habit, despite knowing and feeling the results. As well, because I had so many issues going on in my body, it seemed a bit overwhelming to tackle. It was also hard to get my head around needing to block areas that weren’t my pain sites, so I would procrastinate.”

When we asked Connie what results she experienced, she shared:

“My body composition seems to have changed. My flabby arms are smaller and more toned, my stomach is smaller, and overall, I’m smaller. I’ve been practicing walking in proper alignment, and my legs are more toned. 

My hip pain has diminished significantly. Actually, I think it was after Day 5 when I posted in the FB community that it had disappeared completely! It did come back and go away again after Core Agreements Part 1 in the challenge. It no longer hurts to sleep on my left side, and I can keep my balance when getting dressed. It’s an area I need to keep addressing.  I’ve made notes of which classes had the most pain or the most impact, and I’m now repeating them before I embark on the 90-day challenge again."

"My elbow pain has also diminished significantly, and I’ve gained strength. I’m not sure how, because I haven’t been doing anything other than blocking. I did two lengths of our lake on the paddle board today (it’s a small lake) and had no pain. I’ve been out a few times in the past few weeks, and it’s felt very comfortable. I can also lift myself up onto that floaty island without any trouble! This morning, doing day 1 of double blocking the knees, calves and feet, I could actually hold my body off the ground for a bit. Not for long, mind you, but I was so proud of myself! I plan to try golfing soon and see how my elbows feel. In the meantime, I will be repeating the relevant classes once more before starting the 90-day challenge again. My Dowager’s hump is less pronounced, and I am more aware of my posture and correct alignment when standing and sitting. I will keep working on both.”

When we asked what she would tell others about Block Therapy, she shared:

“Don’t even think about it. Just do it. Block Therapy has done more for me in 90 days for both my hip and my elbows/arms than physiotherapy for a year. Did I mention that I also went for physio a few years ago for my hip? And yet, it still hurt. Blocking will make a significant impact on your pain, your appearance, and your life. At my age (58), health and mobility are key. If I want to keep an active lifestyle as I age, I need to keep blocking."

"This is more effective than a gym membership. I’d rather spend the money on blocking and have the flexibility to do it anywhere. It’s easy to squeeze in 30 minutes with no travel time!

It’s also very calming and meditative. Before I retired, I thought I would meditate every day once I retired . It didn’t happen. Now, with the deep breathing while blocking, I’m getting the benefits of meditating. I’ve read that meditation can even regenerate brain cells, which is also important as we age.”

I invite you to learn more or begin our 90 Day Challenge yourself.

Fascia is the most amazing system. It responds to life’s stresses, supports our alignment, allows cells to communicate at the speed of light, and ensures smooth transport of nutrients to cells, as well as toxins and waste from cells; if we give it what it needs. 

We don’t have to accept everything that happens -- and better yet, what if we could even reverse what has already taken place?

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Breathe & Believe

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