90 Day Transformation – Anita Prescott

This week, we continue to highlight some of the remarkable transformations that members in our community experienced during our 90 Day Challenge. This Challenge ran from April 1st until June 24th. 

The third-place winner of our 90-day challenge is Anita Prescott. What stood out so dramatically was her overall alignment, the lift in her ribcage and the symmetry that came to her body through the process.

To begin, she shared that she had these issues that she wanted addressed:

  • Limited range of motion in hip joint, hip pain, lower back pain and tight hamstrings.

In the before photos, we can see Anita’s right leg was pulling away from the body causing an imbalance. The left leg had become hard and frozen in the body’s attempt to stay upright. This was causing a torquing of the pelvis which was taking space away from the hip joints.

The fascia pattern in the legs was also pulling her upper body forward, with a twisting toward the right. This is creating a lot of tension in the back of the body and will be responsible for the pain in the hamstrings and the low back.

When we asked Anita how her issues held her back, she shared:

Walking and stairs was difficult, I wore a back brace to support my lower back, I had stopped gardening which I had enjoyed so much.

When we asked what gains she made from doing the challenge, she shared:

It’s as though my whole body is well oiled and lubricated, walking is smoother and less tiring, my gait is not quite gliding yet but I’m working on it.  

The child pose has always been a challenge for me…. until one day it wasn’t and during the last month of the challenge, I was able to bring my chest to lightly touch the mat.  

The biggest freedom for me is that gardening is a reality again so as of September we have bought a home with a yard to enjoy (hooray).

 I feel so much better in my body and my clothes fit better from the improvement in alignment (weight’s the same).  As the fascia released and moved back to where it’s supposed to be, my clothes started to hang better on my body.  In fact, I’m wearing pants that I really liked but didn’t wear because they didn’t fit well and now they do.  I’m so happy to be shopping from the back of my own closet (yeah)!

When we asked what she would tell others about Block Therapy, she shared:

 Block Therapy is the best gift you can give yourself. The instructions are first class with detailed demonstrations and directly on point.  Deanna Hanson is an inspiration with her unparalleled understanding of fascia and her skillful communication.  The programs are well crafted with Deanna and Quinn leading us step by step toward our healthier selves.  And lastly, there is a community to support, inspire and enable us to fully achieve our goals, and that is priceless.


In the 90 Day Challenge we take into consideration the entire being. We address the cause sites that are at a distance from the pain, we address the breath to not only feed the cells the energy they require, but to also release the trapped emotions and waste that have built up in the body, and we bring it all back to balance. 

 Take the 90 Day Challenge yourself and experience this consistent and systematic approach to decompressing your fascia. 

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Breathe & Believe

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