Second Place – Lengthen & Strengthen Your Core 21 Day Challenge

I would like to congratulate our second place winner Beth Lachance, for the Lengthen and Strengthen Your Core – 21 days to Look and Feel Better in Your Body!

Before beginning the program, we asked Beth what her issues were. Beth shared that she had problems with her right shoulder through the years to varying degrees, which spread into her skull on the right side. She also had issues with digestion and bloating, and recently, had gained weight which wasn’t typical for her.

When asked how this affected her life, she shared that it was difficult to garden and do many of the activities she enjoyed because of her shoulder and arm pain. As for digestion, this is an ongoing battle to determine what foods to eat and what clothes will fit. She would often have a very distended belly at the end of the day.

Looking at her before photos, in the front view, you can see the asymmetry in her lower ribs. The left side, where the stomach organ resides, has rotated forward causing compression to the abdomen. This will be a large reason for the issues with bloating and digestion. This is also evident looking at her shoulders from both the front and back views. 

If you draw your eyes down to the right outer calf, you can see that the fascia has wrapped around the shin just below the knee, in a very different pattern than on the left leg. This is what is driving that rotation in the ribcage. The right leg calf and foot are acting like a flat tire, causing a collapse of the body to the right. The response of this action from the fascia is to anchor the opposite side to maintain an upright stance. You can see in the back photo how the left glute has accumulated more mass to create this counterbalance.

All of this tension has resulted in a body that is rigid and stores pain and inflammation.

Beth’s after photos are also extremely exciting. When asked how she felt once done, she shared that she felt taller, and that she had a lot more flexibility in her ribcage. She has experienced better digestion and elimination, and freedom from some of the pain in her shoulder.

From the back photos, you can see the lengthening that has taken place. There has been a huge shift in her pelvis which is evident from the change in the low back. The lines under the top have completely changed, her shoulders have squared and are drawn back and down and her glutes are more balanced.

From the front view, you can see how much her ribcage has softened and lengthened. Her head is sitting differently on her neck, her bloating has decreased, her legs are positioned much better beneath her and overall, she looks more relaxed.

When asked if Beth would recommend Block Therapy, she said “Just try it! You’ll love yourself for it. So relaxing and freeing. Like the best massage you have ever had."

Congratulations again Beth!

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